31 gen 2009

G3netiSCHE MUtaTIoN3n deR SecHstEn KLASS das JAhrHundeRt n. 21

One month... First radvo2lution

30 days of blog are gone, but they 've been so funny... Here above i introduce a perspective dream, a squeeze hand made by a great bike designer and Ducati author, Pepo Rosell; so i've had a need to put it in the right place in this blog to show the marks, because is perfectly the Playmaker of my wandering thoughts ...I don't know really if Pepo will be so able to realize that image, i just know i love it.

Thankyou very much indeed Pepo. And thankyou for your pics of your reviewed RAD 02 and our chat, very close to come next on this space...

-- Siluro RAD Ducati 1198 8 valves , Compressor. Alloy RAD 02 trellis frame, trellis multitubular swingarm alloy double enforced up and down, two in one exhausts with final carbon megaphone, aerodinamic anterior enveloping body alloy or carbon . retro' style, Number 6.. --

Ready for Boneville( Utah, USA) speed record in his category ...

See you very soon Pepo, byebye. cheers.


E' passato appena un mese dalla nascita di questo spazio , ma è stato così divertente...Lassu' ho messo un bozzetto fatto a mano da un grande interprete di moto Ducati, Pepo Rosell, che lavora a Madrid. L'ho scelta come simbolo del mio blog perche' interpreta al meglio il divagare del mio pensiero a proposito di grandi moto.. Io spero che Pepo riesca a realizzare questa "macchina" , di cui ho anche fatto una maglietta per me stesso...Grazie mille Pepo, e grazie anche delle immagini della tua RAD 02 in anteprima con il nuovo teorema forcellone, e delle nostre chiacchiere, che pubblichero' quanto prima.

-- Siluro RAD Ducati 1198, 8 valvole, Compressore. Telaio a traliccio alluminio derivato RAD 02, forcellone multitubulare alluminio con doppia capriata di rinforzo, scarico carbonio 2 in uno con " megaphon" selvaggio finale, carena anteriore avvolgente in alluminio o carbonio, stile retro'...Numero 6...

--Pronta per il rcord di velocita' a Boneville (Utah, USA), nella sua categoria...

Grazie Pepo, a molto presto, byebye

w the 1098... Die tekhnocratie!!

photo by Pepo Rosell, RAD, Madrid, Spain

29 gen 2009

Carlo Pitera; ' olio su tela 1986

D I E - S E K T E

I started to think about this word sailing in the infinite world of the net for what concern the bike sphere... The sect, and the " Holy roller ", a pejorative sentence to introduce a person who doesn't wanna speak of anything but his personal point of view... a brainwashed ....because " i stay here and you stay there.." and i' d say this is the 99 percent of adult population as well. This kinda behaviour is well hidden in the intimate of unsuspected people, really overlooked beyond their way to write or speak.

I mean... the more i go around through the net, the more i see that Spirit lives here no longer, disguised in different ways. Repartocorse is so curious about whatta kinda hell of different minds could coexist in chains , curious about the different style of all of us, but i find it a 100 mt hurdles to do, lots of bars, iron curtains, smokescreens...phalse ideologies..eulogies...

Words about bikes mixed differently following a few thoughtschools , i can counter them on my hand..

1st let's look ahead because if i look back i feel so sick and tired, 2nd let's go back, 3rd present is a bullshit, 4th power attitude is a dementia...and so on i can observe how much easy is to play the game to bringback every other discussion to those four pointfòrt.

Repartocorse was born in origin, for one single reason, that is the reason why its master is in life i presume: to listen to without judgements at all. But people is scared... it's so better in their herds...or clubs if you prefer..

So , i foresee whatta see for real, but i believe that every discussion i have heard , it's like my deja vu'..

That's the reason why i started a journey into people's mind to achieve the real meaning of their bike, that is just not a matter about machinery and nothing else. There 's something more and more over again to tell. So i would like to tell that Dork who misunderstood all of this with his Bread and italian matured Sausages, ( apologize , it's just to do an effort to my example, but he does exist for real on this planet) , that it's not a poor matter of how many pics you delivery from a space to another( that is so much easier to do), or the colour of your black backscreen, cause i prefer by far to go to the people into the motorcycles, into the world of roaring wheels for real, to ask for their mindlines through their cycles, pretty to open my mouth and let fall down wet crumbles doing nothing but clothing myself in my circle.

This also could be a rioctact, pretty to look up to the statement.

I will talk( and have talked so far) about people i love, and that people love cycles , and pure engines as well...and that people wont reefs at all. Just sounds and colours....I'll strain the ties..

goodnite everyone

Repartocorse n. 6 Hard Core XXX ( Bside)

K. Smrz , Portimao tests World Superbike Championship Jan. 2009

K. Smrz, Almeria tests World Superbike Championship Jan. 2009 , Ducati 1098 RS 09 Guandalini racing team, General Manager P.F. Chili " Franckie"

Giorgio at work ( so hardly) , Almeria tests Ducati 1098 RS 09 Team Guandalini racing WSBK, Jan. 2009

The beautiful cockpit Ducati 1098 RS 09 Team Guandalini racing, Almeria tests Jan. 2009
kind courtesy team Guandalini racing WSBK 09 Ducati.
It takes only six attempts to find the right knobs on bike...the rest is mistery of course...!!!
I must say to be gladly awestruck from how much strong could be the weight to move a team from the basement like the guy i see in that pic is doing actually, so, i am starting to believe to support that team not only to give a lip service, but for real....

28 gen 2009

Pagani Zonda R on test
carbon removable engine panel

upper side air flow intake

aeronautic derived fuel tank, 4 aspiration pumps.

A.Montermini with his collaborators

front view, low air intakes to brakes, ready to run

carbon rear stabilizer

3 in one exhausts; checking

Avional suspensions, Ohlins .

0-200 in 9 " 8 ; 200 - 0 in 4" 4 ; engine( lifting body) Mercedes-Benz Amg 12 cyl. ( Clk Gtr )

carbon total body

Digitek data analysis, Bosch Electronic system. 1.200.000 euros ( vat excluded)

700 BHP , 1 over 10 specimen for track use only. 10 /10 sold out!

hard core , courtesy Pagani testdrive Team

Repartocorse n. 6 Hard Core XXX

Before to return to innocence and carrying on talkin about bikes, i consider necessary to describe how i use to feel when i am in the nick of time in the right place.. A good friend into Modena's and a small camera did the rest... the Pagani Team was going on testing electronic sensors for the primary gear shift , and must say they have being in troubles cause a lot of problems with it..constantly second by second, a collaborator was in connection on line with other technicians in Modena for stepping by about this matter. The 6th gear was completely offworks all the time. The tester was Andrea Montermini ( former tester for Ferrari and Benetton with M. Schumacher). It was really rainy and so cold, the tarmac profusely wetty( for the car), notwithstanding it's been a very interesting chanche to observe how electronic engineers work and the real spirit that links them to pilots testers, technicians , telemeter responsibles, experts all. The spirit to play in a true team, in one single direction. I dont think is just a matter of fashion. That team really works! No fibs!!!!


all the "rights" reserved registered and written by anthony of coasts. photos and video by anthony of coasts.

Where the Streets have no name
Where else to find yourself for a little while before coming back home...?
Nobody knows what's gonna happen in this future very close to come...
franciacorta racetrack, photo anthony of coasts

25 gen 2009

G3netiSCHE MUtaTIoN3n deR SecHstEn KLASSe das JAhrHundeRt n. 21

Genetical mutations of sixth degree in the 21st century

laser cut and chem. pretreatment on a newborn posterior disc.

courtesy http://www.2t-special.it/


stay tuned on RC6 tv...
coming soon the Battle between the Masters of RaDvolution and the Starfollowers of Die Tekhnocratie..!!

24 gen 2009

-carbon intakes slope

-double low sided carbon airbox

-double alloy beam frame

-double swingarm alloy asymmetrical

-carbon lifting body tail

-bridgestone bt 002 sc 3

-mono ohlins racing

-paioli forks 46 mms carbon coated

-brembo "serie oro" 4 pyst. 30/34ant.

-semifloating double disc 320 mm.ant

-disc brembo 230 mm post.

-brembo "s.o." 2 pyst. 32 mm post.

-double carb. Dell'Orto 39 vhsb

-145 kg, 123bhp

-carb. exhausts, double pair exp. chambers

-clutch actuator Brembo

-autom. oil-gas mixer

-regina chain

-Antera rims alloy

-carbon fenders( no match at all with actual carbon seen on bikes of this era)

-Tau motors engine ( bimota tr.mark) 500 cc V2 90, front-back, 2 strokes, 2 cyl. water cooled,
-removable gear drive, 6 gears, dry clutch.
-photos anthony of coasts

A round gone bad.

Sometimes, i wonder how life could be so crazy. It happens to me sometime, to have a free saturday afternoon free at last, so...what's better than going out for a short ride on my V2? a few things , i believe in...
Ugly day, wet roads, 2 stroke, semislick as pair of shoes...Yes we can!!
My bike seems to be allergic to dampness...so.. after a half dozen times i had a go, i throw myself on the road..
After a two hundred meters i stop at a red light, ----V2 looks like allergic to ,as well, when not warmed up---- and the cold temp does the rest; my friend is struck dumb and doesn't want a leg to stand..bad luck...i come back home like a hand cart , and strip down bodies from the beast , looking for that matter...
Engine start seems to be alright, but works in vain.
So i 'm gonna sadly tasting the flavour of frustration ...before to close that scarce scenary, i try for the last time to spin the backwheel and put a gear to mix something i don't really know...misterious noises...
then i try to restart...and the bike makes fire at the first time...poor guy...!!! go home!!
( realignment of freewheel out dead point phillosophy )

22 gen 2009


Alessandra raging hard on a 1098 RedRabbit team corse courtesy A.G.

Alessandra on high side ducati 999s, Italian Fem. Championship

Alessandra and Federico , Roadster Cup 1000

an intense image of Alessandra checking before track, Roadster Cup 1000. Bimota DB6 Delirio "Azzurro"

Name : Alessandra

Code name : " RedRabbit"

Special marks : fast, too fast...

target : you stop that damn' rabbitt ..!!

Mission : impossible ...

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to race

You all know how much deeper i need to go into the emotional , talking about persons linked to the bikes right here right now in reparto corse, and that's whatta happens now with a special friend of mine, Alessandra (Gambardella) , a very not conventional girl, ----and i can see it in her own shots---- who runs with the number 6, the number i love, personally, and such as girl as well, from ever in my life .Since she was a bit more than a teenager, the strenght of a dream started to live deep inside,mixed up with people such as Lucchinelli, Mario Lega, and other heroes like that incredible stuff... and that dream is still alive now after a decade of victories, races, love for the two wheels, and i can see it from her shining eyes, and her sunny face and smile... neverchange...She 's been keepin on dreaming hard cutting her lazy town with a scooter, working as a pony express , and i cannot bite back listening to the funny stories lived in her world made of two wheels when she was an absolute beginner. I just can imagine very well from what she says , the thrill of that first time at the Tosa, Imola circuit, where she bit the tar with her knee, on her favourite playground, the track! ... and over and over again...on a Ducati 749s, the romance of love story of her life with Moreno, a winner, a rider, in Italy and all over the world in his category, i can feel so much the emotions to ride a Ducati 999s with a new life discovered just a little while before, deeply inside, same place( Imola Circuit ), same time ( a racetest session), a life that now is called Federico, and a Passion that now has become a race team , Red Rabbit Team, and the races since 2004, the victories, the bike number 6, the Cups, the angry bikes. All the rest is pure recent story, i can catch a glimpse of it from her fancy glance, i see her smile for the last time, she is talkin about her baby to me now...she's so special...are you gonna go her way? There's no one thing left to me than reflect on what she told me..and to wonder about that...

see you Alessandra goodbye.


...Ho sempre avuto un grosso debole per le ragazze poco convenzionali, e sicuramente Alessandra non sfugge a questa considerazione, per vari motivi... tra cui il suo numero di gara che è proprio il numero 6.

A me piace quando reparto corse si addentra nelle questioni piu' emotive legate all'andare su due ruote, e soprattutto anche grazie alle immagini che Alessandra mi ha mandato per descrivermi la sua passione, che in parte io gia' conoscevo, che cio' accade. In fondo , è proprio la sua passione e i suoi sforzi che hanno portato il suo team a essere cosi competitivo e a vincere , con lei e con altre protagoniste al femminile cui sicuramente vorrei fare omaggio, e ce ne sono tante direi. I sogni della mia amica Alessandra nascono gia' tanti anni fa quando era appena adolescente, e diversamente dalle sue coetanee, la sua visione del mondo passava attraverso quelle splendide immagini di Lucchinelli, oppure altri epici eroi come Schwantz e addirittura Mario Lega, poco noto al grande pubblico, ma ben presente ancora mentre me ne parla , nei suoi occhi di ragazza che non sono mai cambiati, come il suo sorriso splendido e solare.

Il suo sogno dunque inizia sulle piccole ruote di uno scooter facendo il pony express ( nome in codice : Leone), ma dentro di lei batte qualcosa di diverso e prepotente, che cresce giorno dopo giorno, cosi forte da renderla sicura che un giorno tutto cio' si realizzera'. Non riesco a non ridere quando mi racconta degli aneddoti legati al suo mondo a due ruote, non riesco a non immaginare quell'ebbrezza delle sue prime prove su una Ducati 749 s, e poi sempre piu' veloce, sempre piu'...quella curva a Imola, la Tosa, dove per la prima volta ha capito davvero di che colore era l'asfalto osservandolo a pochi centimetri , la prima volta col ginocchio che sfregava sul suo tavolo da gioco preferito...la pista. Poi l'incontro con Moreno Antonioli, pluripremiato pilota dalla esperienza lunghissima e vittoriosa in vari campionati italiani, mondiali e olimpici...l'incontro perfetto.

Sembra che Imola sia legata a questa ragazza piu' di quanto lei stessa voglia ammettere, perche' è proprio li nel 2003 mentre era in una sessione di prove che sente qualcosa di particolare..un flash improvviso, una sensazione...poi la conferma arrivera' piu' tardi... la conferma che c'è una vita in lei, una vita che oggi si chiama Federico ---- nato il giorno 6, numero che poi la ha accompagnata sempre nelle sue gare ----e che allora invece ondeggiava tra le curve insieme ad Alessandra in sella alla sua 999s ...che emozione vero... un po' posso comprenderti, anche mio figlio è venuto in moto con me e mia moglie quando era nella sua pancia.. Il resto è storia recente, la fondazione del loro team RedRabbit, le corse vissute in prima persona dal 2004, la passione che diventa piu' concreta, le sue vittorie, le vittorie degli altri piloti, tutto prende forma da quello sguardo sognante di una ragazza come tante altre, solo che lei in mente aveva la velocita'. Una ragazza che corre e vince , soprattutto concorrendo con gli uomini, cosa che sembrerebbe piu' dura per una donna, ma non per lei. Mi descrive come fa a concentrarsi prima di una gara, prima di entrare in pista, mi parla del suo bambino, e le si illumina il viso, gli occhi si accendono, appare il suo splendido sorriso...lei è cosi. Ci lasciamo cosi, mentre penso ancora alle sue parole, alla sua forza di sostenere quella passione ... e rifletto........

ciao Alessandra e grazie

coming next...

genetical mutation of sixth degree: the skizophrenia of Fra', Sauro, Omar, Dany, and other very rare collection bikes shots and tastes...

see ya and thankyou to all of you for your tribute to discovery of different forms of personal passion on two wheels ( and more )..

19 gen 2009

"Intermezzo " , reparto corse n. 6 afterdark..

courtesy P. C.

It's always a pleasure to taste a negramaro "after eight",
admiring a beauty beast like this one...and undressed too...no doubts at all.
I 'm very happy to have caught a shot like that , because it's only a special bike and that's it!
A Ducati 999 RS waiting patiently for being repaired for a small oil loss..
This is a private owner 's one , so i gave my ear to its story..really great!
Story tales starting from Garry MCoy and Nori Haga on private team in World superbike Championship in 2004, from Alan Jenkins who laid his hand on the body of this model RS to modify several small details ( is it true? ...you cannot be totally serious, might be the wine,who coulda help me about that?), to team Caracchi, or Pedercini to arrive to the craw story of this 999 into the very deep race local categories here around in northitaly. And how forget Marco Mozzone as well... amazing..
..And like a woman that deals out her little secrets, i think about the 104 mms bore to increase rounds\ min., the 63 mms diameter collectors, 60 mms throttle bodies single iniector, or its 189 bhp at 12.500 rounds( but maximum is 13.200).
I just put my eyes on carbon details and i have a big sigh...not to bad for a bike born in " poverty" for race use only...metal fasteners and pipes in good sight for me and my senses...and the "coppa bassa" to make them a good company ..
This 999 RS is simply the best to "Phillosophize "afternine ", tasting a so friendly glass of red wine...
seeya everybody
a special greeting to Fabrizio , a special friend of mine living in Hannover.. I say ... de coore..!! byebye
photos by anthony of coasts

18 gen 2009

foto gallery http://www.2t-special.it/

The ( impossible ) dream,n. 6
Love as it oughtta be in a parallel dimension ...I'll be waiting for a girl like you...

14 gen 2009

Love at first sight

removable panel on body and window on tank for gasoline check on track

the cockpit with revcounter and oil temp. check

courtesy Piero Caronni

It is always a special day when Piero ( Caronni) comes to town to find me here in repartocorse, and so we have been talkin' bout so long , and .."come on and let's see his seat "... amazing ain't it ...?
He drove me out of my mind with a lot of things, about Ducati, Bimota,Benelli endurance, and i was really astonished hearing to a sort of "Resistencia" among Bimota lovers and customers, just like the same for plenty of Ducati's customers.
We have hitted about latest Bimota, (the Ducati powered and design victims) and therefore ,does exist for real a sort of Bimota Resistencia from previous bikes owners , bikes such as the mighty SB8 Santamonica, SB8 Gobert, V2, SB8 R, SB8 K, YB11, so..i found myself to be ---honestly without consciousness--- a Bim'Resistant... whatta hell!!!
(Piero is hold out putting down DB7 forks on a Santamonica)

The creature in the pictures above is Piero's Honda CB 500 Four 1973' by Samoto, a so Mighty racing bike very well known by lovers and passionates, and i felt in love with it at first sight. It's almost rare to find one, and moreover so well preserved and refreshed.

The bike is a four online cylinders front, 4 strokes, and has won several races in the italian championship of its racing class. The engine has been totally refreshed with Honda genuine parts before to come to Piero from his previous owner, Serafino Fiorenzo Marconi, a bike collector from Misano , Italy. I found the sound of this 73's Honda simply... out of my head...very similar to the snarl of the Ducati Desmosedici rr "stradale" , for example...something awful! (any start engine on the bike at all, only external starter, pure race bike into the ultimate deep of its bones) .

The cockpit is really smart and simple, typical of 70's mentality onboard, a revcounter and a oil temp. check and anything else. I appreciated strongly the fuse shape, not so common at that time on track, and the peculiar details such as the WP suspensions on the front, and koni back. The shiny colours of the Samoto body are really impressive seen live, they are so beautiful and racing..
I have had a chat with Fiorenzo, who invited me to take !NOW! that bike to enjoy some of their vintage races over Italy (and out) this year... and now i say...You cannot be serious...Why not ? ! i am loving it!!

Honda 500 CB Four 1973 by Samoto racing ;
4 strokes, 4 online cylinders
Samoto frame
Samoto body
Asso Pistons
Carillo crancks
Samoto exhausts 4 in 1
Anter. susp. WP , double disc brakes
Rear susp. Koni
60 bhp
slope carburetors intakes
swingarm bimota original, dedicated

photos anthony of coasts

see ya.

11 gen 2009

courtesy G.Mantovani, Tekhnocrat team world sbk Guendalini racing Dukati 2009. The Dream , n. 5

This is a freshly restored Honda 350 four of my friend Giorgio that i've seen in his laboratory.

He seems to be a tekhnocrat in the daytime, and a Humanist in the nitetime, and i think so cause this bike,actually, is not for sale...i'll take my time anyway until his leaving to Philipp island in february...

Die tekhnocratie!!

photos anthony of coasts

Back for Goods

A.o.Coasts (and Judith D.) on the road to Luzern, Switzerland, Aug. 2005, feat. Speed Triple 1050 cc black.

Three cylinders in line, 4 stroke, i.e., 128 bhp at 9200rpm.
Double alloy beam frame , ant. disc 320 mm , nissin brakes triple pist., post. disc 220 mono pist. nissin brake. Oil clutch , over 200 kilos full charge, tank 21 liters. Comp. ratio 12:1 , 3.50"x 17 120\70 ant. and 6.00"x 17 180\55 post.

I have ridden for about 13000 kms with it, my very first bike.
We used to go out more frequently on the road rather than now with my bikes, and i still remember how funny was to climb up little mountains surrounded by nature around there ,and to stop for a little while for a bad coffee..talkin about life..and so on... or rolling to the sea down "riviera"... and hang on there...

I used it for all driving licence tests in switzerland, and i remember so well my first lesson at the driving school, because i felt so out of place with a bike like that.
i have a lot of regrets , maybe for situations lived together,but i miss that bike over and over again. Every time i go back there on that seat, there's a little piece of my mind missing, and my heart too.
time passes........regrets remain like small pieces of paper in my pocket.

(bad quality reproduction by mobile phone from photographic film)

suggested list. link : your latest trick, dire straits; estranged Gun's n roses ; never backdown, novastar.

10 gen 2009

G3netiSCHE MUtaTIoN3n deR SecHstEn KLASSe das JAhrHundeRt n. 21

I am leaving Marc and Vince and their beautifull dreams goin' on , and i just take my time to open a nu page on our biker's soul, givin' birth to one absurd mutant dream of my mind...a "leit motif" to be followed very soon by other mutant forms of Kreatures, such as the Superpantah's , and many more. I 'm gonna start from the excellent remarks among friends on Superpantah blog, to reach the peak of bikers different ways to ride and live, what's wrong and what's right in the eternal challenge between truth and untruth, because motorbikes move our multifaceted souls in the mood for the highest freedom of all...All of this reminds me of a time...and i take it back in my memory, talkin'about Junger and Tekhnocracy of the human being, nebulously to be honest, but i oughtta stay out of this, pretty like globalization an marketing shoulda stay out of real spirit to built bikes such as my friends Superpantah's seems to be part of it. Humanism and ease at the 1st place, instead of engaging design devoted to pure Technocracy to let our soul become full of hedonysm to obscure our intimate image rather than a reflex inta mirror. A sort of comparison between the stark 851,devoted to nothing but itself, and the meccanotronic 1098, the Evil on the road for what concern torque, power, agility, between a warm place to have a pint with friends and a rave party, where ministry of sounds give people alienation....pure " sprout" to tecnology against pure technocracy . Today i wanna fantasize about being the high Ministry of this religion, with my duk 1098 t.s.e. , against the Deakons of the Holy sporty truth , the pure biker spirit on earth. Hypnotized and taken away by digital absurdity , anguish and freedom meccanopunk, i hope this fantasy game of a genetical mutation of the sixth degree in the Conscious could be taken to understand better...with a smile of course..Cheers to superpantah and friends...bye.

Dopo i piacevoli incontri con Marc e con Vincent, e le loro splendide immagini, apro volentieri questa seconda rubrica, cui do il "Leit motif",ma che ospitera' prossimamente altre genesi della fantasia , come quella del mio amico appunto Superpantah. Dopo quella dedicata ai miei sogni piu' personali in tema di moto, direi che questo è un assoluto parto della mia fantasia, ma in realta' nasce da discorsi fatti sullo stesso Superpantah's ecc ..ecc...
Si è arrivati cioè, a discutere di una filosofia, di un culto, di una credenza, di una delusione, di un "Quid", partendo da analisi del mondo Ducati; perche' cio' è assolutamente vero, le moto smuovono emozioni e sentimenti molto profondi, perche' sono appunto legate al profondo senso di liberta' che per ognuno di noi è molto polimorfo.
Mi è venuto in mente a proposito un ricordo di adolescenza, che ho volentieri ripreso, di un saggio di Junger sulla contrapposizione di scienza e tecnica nella societa' come noi la conosciamo ora, sulla Tecnocrazia, e la mia fantasia ha fatto il resto, ma devo dire che il tutto si sposa bene con il senso delle discussioni tra me e Superpantah in primis, e via via gli altri. Praticamente ho voluto solo associare all'analisi del Tecnocratico
(indegnamente), l'interessantissimo pensiero secondo il quale appunto il modo di fare moto attuale affonda le sue radici nel globalizzare forme e funzioni generando inquietitudine (motoristica) in chi come superpantah appunto, ma tanti altri, vedono invece nella razionalita' e nella funzione il primo comandamento di ogni altra evoluzione estetico -grafica di una moto. Per fare un esempio, è come se improvvisamente fossi passato da una calda e accogliente osteria di Bologna, dove basta voltarsi per sentirsi parte dell'ambiente e di chi lo vive in quel momento in un caldo abbraccio, ad un" Depot Garage"sotterraneo , una discoteca tecnotrance governata da potenti Tecnocrati della musica, dove la alienazione interiore è alimentata e allo stesso tempo colmata da musica elettronica martellante, che detta il ritmo vitale dell'essere senziente portandolo ad una falsa estasi intellettuale, atta appunto a dimenticare il nulla interiore.
Ma a me piaceva girare di notte si sa, ed ecco che il parto della fantasia è pronto, ----in virtu' del fatto che io stesso nel mio lavoro spesso ho bisogno di essere teknocratico per non soccombere a una miriade di variabili letali,---- ma non so quanto possa poi definirsi lontano da una realta'...
Il punto di partenza era appunto la contrapposizione tra la essenziale genuinita' di una 851 ducati, o una F1 se volete, che ha lasciato il segno nel tempo indelebile, e la 1098 ducati, sogno meccanocybernetico di estetica votata all'edonismo e al vuoto da vendere; ecco che allora la proiezione dello spirito Umanistico della creatura di Superpantah(prossimamente su questi schermi) si contrapponeva al micidiale Tecnocratismo attuale, di cui oggi voglio fantasticamente farmi inquieto portavoce, nelle forme appunto della mia ducati 1098 4 valvole testastretta evoluzione, che è una delle macchine da corsa piu' audaci in circolazione in quanto a coppia,potenza,agilita'. Esibizione di potere, volonta' di dominio della natura prepotentemente, orgasmatron elettronici\digitali per annullare i vuoti interiori e le proprie immagini allo specchio dell'anima... vyrus infettanti lo spirito vero, Basale. Annullamento dello spazio\tempo, i Tecnocrati divenuti oramai sacerdoti e Ministri dello spirito motociclistico, e di una parte dell'anima , perche' abbiamo detto che la liberta' su due ruote rappresenta in stili diversi la propria voglia assoluta di volare, essere liberi, muovere ostacoli col pensiero..
Ecco che assolutamnente ipnotizzato da pensieri elettrotelematici, pervaso da musica (colta) elettronica di seconda generazione cyberpunk, vado a presentare come primo capitolo di questa assurda rubrica, la mutazione genetica del sesto grado cui io e la mia anima siamo andati incontro, il mutante che è consapevole della propria mutazione ineluttabile...
sperando che il banale gioco di fantasia possa essere gradito.

part 1.

(im Herzen der Geschwindigkeit ...)
( Genetical Mutations of 6th Degree...in the heart of the speed of sound in the 21 st century...)

absurd genetical mutation ongoing..

work in progress "Alpha" level , for hybrid use (basik track vs road attacK):
-anterior fork internal Kalibration for race use plus race resistive oil .
-fast gas kommander
-Klutch reset and reprogramming
-Komplete racing ergal chain set 520
-radiator proteKtors
-indiKators removing and mirrors disKonnection
-posterior precharge and rear suspension upgrading
Priester Erzbischöfe Technokraten: G. Mantovani feat. M. Perlini , team world sbk Guendalini DuKati 2009

monstrous sKonvòlt sight , Anthony of Coasts' 1098 base module, DP exhausts carbon complete set.
front view. . 167 bhp (shaft )
Die T3khnokratie..

suggested listening link : "die roboter" , kraftwerk ; "alpha", vangelis.

un grosso grazie a G. Mantovani per la estrema e radicale professionalita'.

8 gen 2009

Pont de la Loge, Vincent and Norton Commando 750
A breatheless " foreshortening" feat. Moto Guzzi 850 California, a dream since he was a child. Now it is one of his beloved bikes .

Vince's Norton Commando 750, 1972's

Vince's Norton Commando 750 1972's, at Pont de la Loge, France.
The Wave of Vincent

Today in repartocorse, i bump very pleasantly a boy, and he's gonna tell a good story with his pictures touching really my heart ...

Vincent is a friend of mine from France, he is in love with the blue ocean, and is a rider of the waves of the sea with his Surf...
and this is one of his three proud bikes, his favourite, as he told me. " The Brave", for my opinion made of his words about it ( the 3rd is a Triton).
That's a 1972's " Mighty" Norton Commando 750, (that reminds me of epic bloody battles between Mods and Rockers in England and all over Europe, ---- but not in Italy oh my God, and Rock ain't here anymore..badass!! ---- in the sixties) bought in 1997 (replacing a BSA ).
After a dozen of years of strong usage on streets, he has decided to improve the machine, following classical specifications for many Commandos: Mono carb. conversion, iron shocks, modern internal fork, electric scheme improvement,electronic ignition. He has ordered 18" Borrani rims, stainless steel spokes and especially modern tyres like bridgestone BT45.
Next year it 'll need to change the primary drive.
Vincent, thanks a lot, and...the Big Wave be with you... ^_*
see you.