11 gen 2009

Back for Goods

A.o.Coasts (and Judith D.) on the road to Luzern, Switzerland, Aug. 2005, feat. Speed Triple 1050 cc black.

Three cylinders in line, 4 stroke, i.e., 128 bhp at 9200rpm.
Double alloy beam frame , ant. disc 320 mm , nissin brakes triple pist., post. disc 220 mono pist. nissin brake. Oil clutch , over 200 kilos full charge, tank 21 liters. Comp. ratio 12:1 , 3.50"x 17 120\70 ant. and 6.00"x 17 180\55 post.

I have ridden for about 13000 kms with it, my very first bike.
We used to go out more frequently on the road rather than now with my bikes, and i still remember how funny was to climb up little mountains surrounded by nature around there ,and to stop for a little while for a bad coffee..talkin about life..and so on... or rolling to the sea down "riviera"... and hang on there...

I used it for all driving licence tests in switzerland, and i remember so well my first lesson at the driving school, because i felt so out of place with a bike like that.
i have a lot of regrets , maybe for situations lived together,but i miss that bike over and over again. Every time i go back there on that seat, there's a little piece of my mind missing, and my heart too.
time passes........regrets remain like small pieces of paper in my pocket.

(bad quality reproduction by mobile phone from photographic film)

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