24 gen 2009

-carbon intakes slope

-double low sided carbon airbox

-double alloy beam frame

-double swingarm alloy asymmetrical

-carbon lifting body tail

-bridgestone bt 002 sc 3

-mono ohlins racing

-paioli forks 46 mms carbon coated

-brembo "serie oro" 4 pyst. 30/34ant.

-semifloating double disc 320 mm.ant

-disc brembo 230 mm post.

-brembo "s.o." 2 pyst. 32 mm post.

-double carb. Dell'Orto 39 vhsb

-145 kg, 123bhp

-carb. exhausts, double pair exp. chambers

-clutch actuator Brembo

-autom. oil-gas mixer

-regina chain

-Antera rims alloy

-carbon fenders( no match at all with actual carbon seen on bikes of this era)

-Tau motors engine ( bimota tr.mark) 500 cc V2 90, front-back, 2 strokes, 2 cyl. water cooled,
-removable gear drive, 6 gears, dry clutch.
-photos anthony of coasts

A round gone bad.

Sometimes, i wonder how life could be so crazy. It happens to me sometime, to have a free saturday afternoon free at last, so...what's better than going out for a short ride on my V2? a few things , i believe in...
Ugly day, wet roads, 2 stroke, semislick as pair of shoes...Yes we can!!
My bike seems to be allergic to dampness...so.. after a half dozen times i had a go, i throw myself on the road..
After a two hundred meters i stop at a red light, ----V2 looks like allergic to ,as well, when not warmed up---- and the cold temp does the rest; my friend is struck dumb and doesn't want a leg to stand..bad luck...i come back home like a hand cart , and strip down bodies from the beast , looking for that matter...
Engine start seems to be alright, but works in vain.
So i 'm gonna sadly tasting the flavour of frustration ...before to close that scarce scenary, i try for the last time to spin the backwheel and put a gear to mix something i don't really know...misterious noises...
then i try to restart...and the bike makes fire at the first time...poor guy...!!! go home!!
( realignment of freewheel out dead point phillosophy )