28 gen 2009

Pagani Zonda R on test
carbon removable engine panel

upper side air flow intake

aeronautic derived fuel tank, 4 aspiration pumps.

A.Montermini with his collaborators

front view, low air intakes to brakes, ready to run

carbon rear stabilizer

3 in one exhausts; checking

Avional suspensions, Ohlins .

0-200 in 9 " 8 ; 200 - 0 in 4" 4 ; engine( lifting body) Mercedes-Benz Amg 12 cyl. ( Clk Gtr )

carbon total body

Digitek data analysis, Bosch Electronic system. 1.200.000 euros ( vat excluded)

700 BHP , 1 over 10 specimen for track use only. 10 /10 sold out!

hard core , courtesy Pagani testdrive Team

Repartocorse n. 6 Hard Core XXX

Before to return to innocence and carrying on talkin about bikes, i consider necessary to describe how i use to feel when i am in the nick of time in the right place.. A good friend into Modena's and a small camera did the rest... the Pagani Team was going on testing electronic sensors for the primary gear shift , and must say they have being in troubles cause a lot of problems with it..constantly second by second, a collaborator was in connection on line with other technicians in Modena for stepping by about this matter. The 6th gear was completely offworks all the time. The tester was Andrea Montermini ( former tester for Ferrari and Benetton with M. Schumacher). It was really rainy and so cold, the tarmac profusely wetty( for the car), notwithstanding it's been a very interesting chanche to observe how electronic engineers work and the real spirit that links them to pilots testers, technicians , telemeter responsibles, experts all. The spirit to play in a true team, in one single direction. I dont think is just a matter of fashion. That team really works! No fibs!!!!


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