29 gen 2009

Carlo Pitera; ' olio su tela 1986

D I E - S E K T E

I started to think about this word sailing in the infinite world of the net for what concern the bike sphere... The sect, and the " Holy roller ", a pejorative sentence to introduce a person who doesn't wanna speak of anything but his personal point of view... a brainwashed ....because " i stay here and you stay there.." and i' d say this is the 99 percent of adult population as well. This kinda behaviour is well hidden in the intimate of unsuspected people, really overlooked beyond their way to write or speak.

I mean... the more i go around through the net, the more i see that Spirit lives here no longer, disguised in different ways. Repartocorse is so curious about whatta kinda hell of different minds could coexist in chains , curious about the different style of all of us, but i find it a 100 mt hurdles to do, lots of bars, iron curtains, smokescreens...phalse ideologies..eulogies...

Words about bikes mixed differently following a few thoughtschools , i can counter them on my hand..

1st let's look ahead because if i look back i feel so sick and tired, 2nd let's go back, 3rd present is a bullshit, 4th power attitude is a dementia...and so on i can observe how much easy is to play the game to bringback every other discussion to those four pointfòrt.

Repartocorse was born in origin, for one single reason, that is the reason why its master is in life i presume: to listen to without judgements at all. But people is scared... it's so better in their herds...or clubs if you prefer..

So , i foresee whatta see for real, but i believe that every discussion i have heard , it's like my deja vu'..

That's the reason why i started a journey into people's mind to achieve the real meaning of their bike, that is just not a matter about machinery and nothing else. There 's something more and more over again to tell. So i would like to tell that Dork who misunderstood all of this with his Bread and italian matured Sausages, ( apologize , it's just to do an effort to my example, but he does exist for real on this planet) , that it's not a poor matter of how many pics you delivery from a space to another( that is so much easier to do), or the colour of your black backscreen, cause i prefer by far to go to the people into the motorcycles, into the world of roaring wheels for real, to ask for their mindlines through their cycles, pretty to open my mouth and let fall down wet crumbles doing nothing but clothing myself in my circle.

This also could be a rioctact, pretty to look up to the statement.

I will talk( and have talked so far) about people i love, and that people love cycles , and pure engines as well...and that people wont reefs at all. Just sounds and colours....I'll strain the ties..

goodnite everyone