19 gen 2009

"Intermezzo " , reparto corse n. 6 afterdark..

courtesy P. C.

It's always a pleasure to taste a negramaro "after eight",
admiring a beauty beast like this one...and undressed too...no doubts at all.
I 'm very happy to have caught a shot like that , because it's only a special bike and that's it!
A Ducati 999 RS waiting patiently for being repaired for a small oil loss..
This is a private owner 's one , so i gave my ear to its story..really great!
Story tales starting from Garry MCoy and Nori Haga on private team in World superbike Championship in 2004, from Alan Jenkins who laid his hand on the body of this model RS to modify several small details ( is it true? ...you cannot be totally serious, might be the wine,who coulda help me about that?), to team Caracchi, or Pedercini to arrive to the craw story of this 999 into the very deep race local categories here around in northitaly. And how forget Marco Mozzone as well... amazing..
..And like a woman that deals out her little secrets, i think about the 104 mms bore to increase rounds\ min., the 63 mms diameter collectors, 60 mms throttle bodies single iniector, or its 189 bhp at 12.500 rounds( but maximum is 13.200).
I just put my eyes on carbon details and i have a big sigh...not to bad for a bike born in " poverty" for race use only...metal fasteners and pipes in good sight for me and my senses...and the "coppa bassa" to make them a good company ..
This 999 RS is simply the best to "Phillosophize "afternine ", tasting a so friendly glass of red wine...
seeya everybody
a special greeting to Fabrizio , a special friend of mine living in Hannover.. I say ... de coore..!! byebye
photos by anthony of coasts