14 gen 2009

Love at first sight

removable panel on body and window on tank for gasoline check on track

the cockpit with revcounter and oil temp. check

courtesy Piero Caronni

It is always a special day when Piero ( Caronni) comes to town to find me here in repartocorse, and so we have been talkin' bout so long , and .."come on and let's see his seat "... amazing ain't it ...?
He drove me out of my mind with a lot of things, about Ducati, Bimota,Benelli endurance, and i was really astonished hearing to a sort of "Resistencia" among Bimota lovers and customers, just like the same for plenty of Ducati's customers.
We have hitted about latest Bimota, (the Ducati powered and design victims) and therefore ,does exist for real a sort of Bimota Resistencia from previous bikes owners , bikes such as the mighty SB8 Santamonica, SB8 Gobert, V2, SB8 R, SB8 K, YB11, so..i found myself to be ---honestly without consciousness--- a Bim'Resistant... whatta hell!!!
(Piero is hold out putting down DB7 forks on a Santamonica)

The creature in the pictures above is Piero's Honda CB 500 Four 1973' by Samoto, a so Mighty racing bike very well known by lovers and passionates, and i felt in love with it at first sight. It's almost rare to find one, and moreover so well preserved and refreshed.

The bike is a four online cylinders front, 4 strokes, and has won several races in the italian championship of its racing class. The engine has been totally refreshed with Honda genuine parts before to come to Piero from his previous owner, Serafino Fiorenzo Marconi, a bike collector from Misano , Italy. I found the sound of this 73's Honda simply... out of my head...very similar to the snarl of the Ducati Desmosedici rr "stradale" , for example...something awful! (any start engine on the bike at all, only external starter, pure race bike into the ultimate deep of its bones) .

The cockpit is really smart and simple, typical of 70's mentality onboard, a revcounter and a oil temp. check and anything else. I appreciated strongly the fuse shape, not so common at that time on track, and the peculiar details such as the WP suspensions on the front, and koni back. The shiny colours of the Samoto body are really impressive seen live, they are so beautiful and racing..
I have had a chat with Fiorenzo, who invited me to take !NOW! that bike to enjoy some of their vintage races over Italy (and out) this year... and now i say...You cannot be serious...Why not ? ! i am loving it!!

Honda 500 CB Four 1973 by Samoto racing ;
4 strokes, 4 online cylinders
Samoto frame
Samoto body
Asso Pistons
Carillo crancks
Samoto exhausts 4 in 1
Anter. susp. WP , double disc brakes
Rear susp. Koni
60 bhp
slope carburetors intakes
swingarm bimota original, dedicated

photos anthony of coasts

see ya.