8 gen 2009

Pont de la Loge, Vincent and Norton Commando 750
A breatheless " foreshortening" feat. Moto Guzzi 850 California, a dream since he was a child. Now it is one of his beloved bikes .

Vince's Norton Commando 750, 1972's

Vince's Norton Commando 750 1972's, at Pont de la Loge, France.
The Wave of Vincent

Today in repartocorse, i bump very pleasantly a boy, and he's gonna tell a good story with his pictures touching really my heart ...

Vincent is a friend of mine from France, he is in love with the blue ocean, and is a rider of the waves of the sea with his Surf...
and this is one of his three proud bikes, his favourite, as he told me. " The Brave", for my opinion made of his words about it ( the 3rd is a Triton).
That's a 1972's " Mighty" Norton Commando 750, (that reminds me of epic bloody battles between Mods and Rockers in England and all over Europe, ---- but not in Italy oh my God, and Rock ain't here anymore..badass!! ---- in the sixties) bought in 1997 (replacing a BSA ).
After a dozen of years of strong usage on streets, he has decided to improve the machine, following classical specifications for many Commandos: Mono carb. conversion, iron shocks, modern internal fork, electric scheme improvement,electronic ignition. He has ordered 18" Borrani rims, stainless steel spokes and especially modern tyres like bridgestone BT45.
Next year it 'll need to change the primary drive.
Vincent, thanks a lot, and...the Big Wave be with you... ^_*
see you.