28 feb 2009

Eyes wide shut

our soul is lost...

Year 4589
News of the day

-United Corporation for Public Health gives up for assisted suicides under 12 years old human to be reprogrammed under the strict control of State Scientists. The Cyborg Popular Party rises up . 19 deads in New York city .The leader says: " ...everybody has the holy right to become a cyborg to avoid pains…"
- AntiVatican State Assembly sentences to death 2 active members of the NeoJesus Sect. At risk the AntiPope journey to Palestinian colonies orbiting around the earth. The government of NovaGaza ready to launch missiles against Catholic armed satellites … The AntiPope : "...NeoCristian terrorism must go to a end..."
- Subnuclear Explosion accident underwater in Atlantic Ocean. The Dome of NewAtlantis damaged: 125 deaths among the mutant population working for extraction of diamonds. At risk the World Diamonds Trade Assembly. The President of W.D.T.A. Wan Goo Zan Yong : " ... we need to carry on...mutants are not angels..." Still on exile on planet Mars the Leader of Mutant Genies on earth ...

Reparto Corse goes for real stuff , but doesn't take its self so seriously...
So, tomorrow races will restart again with the WSB in Australia, and ..how to forget what happens in the deepest countryside, in the province when it misses just seven days to my first track session...
Since i have decided to modify something to race better, i have made some rounds , but i must say i never stopped to use my bikes this winter at all... so i send my sincere compliments to all of whom getting magnificence on their first seasons rounds on their bikes like being a sort of superheroes in cachemere, because i don't really give a fuck about it, to be honest...
Today i have settled up for the third time the 1098 by mafrend Giorgio's from "Guandalini team " ( all the best for tomorrow cause Smrz is on first lane in the grid, and i like it, i am gonna know him next i guess so), and the good relation between the fast gas and the complete set lighter ergal transmission chain drive has made it more easy to rise up in a very very gorgeus way, so, i am very happy to start with it. Everything is ok, today i have made a very merry merry round while people were having their holy lunch...how i love people at lunch, really....
For what concern the V2 i am back again a little cause Giorgio is in Philipp Island so i must wait for him to come back to optimize carburation set, mainly( Rino Baldassin the expert of this kinda bikes is not so well for a bad bad illness, so he has given up his career i do not believe and i riot with it damn...!!) . Anyway, it'll be ready for Easter test here in Franciacorta.
In the figures, i have covered sadly the 1098 eyes such as a sort of goodbye to the roads (to this world of real gentlemen and gentleladies) i have used to train, roads i see more and more full of dandies, dandies that criticize dandies, fucking punks offering themselves to the altar of pure motorcyclism, naturism on two wheels, phalse romance and dirty leather smelling of pure rotten bullshit. Holes, guardrails, cars drivers talkin at the mobile telephone whilst masturbating, exc...exc... before to make me rejecting all of this from my belly.
This is not a retirement from streetbiking, but a very first step towards the pure ingenuity and need for speed, circuit, tarmac, oil and rounds up and down. The essence. For my opinion. Number 6.
Enjoy.We are ready ( ?)......
photos A.o.C.
any reference to any people and things is strictly casual and fortuitous.

27 feb 2009


" ...Wow. After I jumped, it ocurred to me. Life is perfect. Life is the best, full of magic, beauty, opportunity, and television. And surprises...lot's of surprises, yeah. And then there's the best stuff, of course. Better than anything anyone ever made up, 'cause it's real... "

This machine was manufactured by ROC, the French oil company Elf's racing project. Honda showed an early interest and provided the engine. The fourth round of the Elf project, the 1986 Elf 3, was equipped with a NS500 engine, two stroke V three. This race version seems to be different from previous classic Elf schemes. It's becomes closer to a McPhearson car's scheme. Somewhere on a parallel dimension, i must say that somebody said that Honda, once acquired the rights from Elf, applied them on its model RC30, RC 45 and 250 Gp (and others )mono rear swingarm pivot. The bike achieved a highest placing of seventh at the World Championship and a ranking on ninth overall.
Rider: No. 5 Ron Haslam
Engine: Liquid cooled. Max power: 127bhp/11000 rpm

Know more soon on RC6. Parallel dimension is not so far AND mysterious as we know...

photo Nigel Wynne © . Any use abuse or reproduction could be prosecuted by law by the author with no responsability from RepartoCorse n. 6.
lyrics from " never let me go " by MHD band feat. Bono

26 feb 2009

...a new perspective, a new religion... call 00467 1190065, lift up the receiver, our biosoftware will make you a believer ...

-Le spiegazioni di Pepo

-Unas aclaraciones

-Declarações de Pepo

-Pepo's explanations

Rad Factory ST3 powered, carbon rims and fairbody, alloy tubular frame. double exhausts underneath the seat. basculante monobrazo.

Che Meraviglia.....!!!!!!!!!!!

Ho invitato Pepo a specificare meglio alcuni concetti, e devo dire che è stato molto gentile a farlo, come sempre...

Antonio noi corriamo nel Desafio Twins, una competizione inventata da noi per moto Ducati in genere , o motorizzate Ducati, come le bimota ad esempio.Si tratta di gare Endurance di 4 ore a due o tre piloti per team, e si puo' correre con tante moto quanti sono i piloti; i team che corrono con piu' di una moto vengono penalizzati con dei giri, decidendo di sottrarli alla fine della corsa.
Nel 2008 la Endurance bianca rossa verde ha corso tutto il campionato, la Montjuich un paio di corse alla fine. Insieme corrono al DSW al Pannonianring , la Corsa, la Endurance, la Montjuich.
Questo anno 2009 correremo al Desafio Twin con la Factory ( foto) , inoltre abbiamo mandato una nostra Corsa in Francia per il Team Rad, insieme alla Corsa del nostro amico Manu, il nostro primo cliente francese, nel campionato Sportwin, la categoria Protwin due valvole francese. Sicuramente aggiungeremo delle Corsa con piloti di Spagna.
Sui commenti sul tuo blog, mi spiego meglio: Lo chassis della Rad 02 non è della 749, ma è uno sviluppo dello chassis della 749 per montare motori a due o tre valvole e i loro corpi iniettori.
Questo chassis è stato sviluppato per ospitare il sistema di sospensioni della Monster S2R ed S4R, Multistrada e Hypermotard. Il che è totalmente differente dal sistema che ospita il motore 8 valvole e i propri agganci.
Abbiamo utilizzato il sistema Monster perche' è la moto piu' venduta da Ducati, ha una sospensione progressiva, ed è semplice reperire i forcelloni a poco prezzo, il che non fa aumentare i costi di produzione della Rad 02. A seconda del motore si puo' scegliere il tipo di forcellone, nel caso del Monster si levano i cuscinetti nel carter, nel caso di Yhpermotard e Multistrada si leva la estremita' del forcellone, e cio' che determina la scelta.
A noi piacciono molto le strutture multitubulari, rispetto alle squadrate come ti dicevo, perche' sono piu' rigide e belle. Motivi tecnici ed estetici. Percio' abbiamo svilòuppato un forcellone bibraccio multitubulare che ti ho inviato, sulla Rad 02, con cuscinetti alla estremita' del forcellone, provata in Francia con ottimi risultati , e che andremo a montare sul nostro nuovo progetto, " UNO". Una moto con chassis multitubulare in alluminio con forcellone in alluminio multitubulare a doppia capriata di rinforzo, motore 999. Ti mandero' una foto ...
... Mi sono piaciuti molto i commenti ..." mangia neoducatisti, o brigatista desmorosso...eheh eheh eheh...
Ti invio una foto della nostra Factory Rad 02 con cui correremo questo anno, cerchi e carene in carbonio, telaio alluminio, motore Ducati ST3.

Un saluto a tutti, Pepo.


I have kindly invited Pepo for some further details on his bikes, thankyou once again...

We run with our bikes in Desafio Twins, a open race to Ducati bikes and Ducati powered, such as Rad, Bimota, a good idea of us. It is a 4 hours Endurance race for 2 or 3 pilots each team, and we can run with one single machine per pilot. The teams running with more than one bike will receive penalty rounds, usually at the end of the race. In the 2008 the Corsa Endurance, the white-red-green one, has finished the entire championship, and the Montjuich just a couple of races ; the Corsa, the Endurance and the Montjuich run all at Pannonianring race of DSW. This 2009 we are gonna run with the Factory( photo), in France in Rad Team, togheter with Manu's Corsa, our first french customer, in Sportwin, the 2 valves Protwin in France. We are thinking about adding furthermore spanish pilots with the Corsa.
For what concern the commentary on your blog, i give some explanations...
First, the 749 chassis of Rad 02 is not stock, but a development to receive a 2 or 3 valves engine and injectors bodies. This frame has been studied for the cynematic system of Monster S2R, S4R, Yhpermotard and Multistrada. Totally different from the chassis of 8 valves engine. Why the Monster arm? Cause it's a progressive suspension, it's cheaper and that gives a real tribute to reduce outgoings for our Rad 02, you can find it anywhere. In the Monster choice you remove bearings, in Multistrada and Yhpermotard you remove the extreme top of the arm itself.
We really love tubular chassis and frames, more than squared like i told you, because they are more stiff and goodlooking, awesome. And for this reason we have given start to the creation of a multitubular double swingarm for our Rad 02, tested in France with great results, with bearings at the extreme top of the arm, ready to power our " UNO" project, with a double enforcement up and down and a 999 engine 8 valves. I'll send you a pic.
I really enjoyed the comments " ducatistis eater, or desmored brigade companion... eheh eheh
...I send you our Factory powered ST3 , alloy frame, carbon rims and body...

See you all soon...Pepo.
photos Pepo Rosell

25 feb 2009

Chitchat, Cigarettes, coffee and other stories before Morpheus ...
It was the 1980...

Hangin on the web is possible sometimes, to run into charmy discussions, and one of this was being the Bmw suspension one seen on superpantah. Eager to know more, i started to read, so, i just wanna share my route relaxing and smoking some good cigarette with all of those taking care of their good health....

Age of Samurai

1980, Suzuki Katana 1000. 997 cc, 108 bhp. Double cradle frame, complete with extruded aluminium box-section swinging arm , Mikuni 34 mm carbus, 16 valves, 247,5 kilos. The first street bike in dealers worldwide to receive a Anti-Dive system in the forks( and only up front preload adjustement). Anti-Dive(and other devices too) was born to fill a gap on race bikes first, cause their tendency to dive whilst braking hard. Market and its followers and all believers did pay amount of attenction and care about that, from races to streetbikes as well, and this system seemed to be absolutely necessary on sporty bikes at that time just pretty like a cappuccino at 7 in the morning. The anti-dive system disappeared in less than three years, like it rose to life, than died for all major labels of motorcycles, probably due to a great enhancement in technology applied to mechanical engineering on forks and suspensions and hydraulic forces.


Ispirato da discussioni di tendenza su altri siti, a proposito di sospensioni Bmw ecc.ecc..., mi introduco in maniera molto rilassata nel fantastico mondo delle FFs ( funny front suspensions), avido di conoscere di piu' sull'argomento...fumoso...

Nel 1980 nacque in casa Suzuki la " Katana " , moto sportiva prima sul mercato ad accogliere un sistema antiaffondamento nelle forcelle anteriori( in pratica un sistema sfinteriale), pero' con solo la regolazione del precarico. Il sistema nacque a partire dalle corse per contrastare appunto il dive cosi fastidioso in frenate e staccate, poi questo sistema per tre anni circa ha tenuto banco tra appassionati e addetti,fino a diventare addiritura indispensabile sulle moto supersportive stradali e non, e scomparire miseramente cosi ' come era apparso. La ragione probabilmente è da addursi alle sempre piu' avanzate tecnologie in tema di teleidraulica e ingegneria meccanica delle sospensioni...

photo archive footage intedb.co.uk

24 feb 2009

Norton 588 nrv and Michael Dunlop at TT Man 2009

From the Birmingham ( uk) National Museum of Motorcycle to the Tourist Trophy 2009 . Rider M. Dunlop ( son of Robert and grandson of Joey the legendary). Engine 588 cc Wankel twin rotors , 173 bhp, 130 kg dryweight. Norton come to his last victory at Man in 1992 with Steve Hislop. Spondon frame and swingarm, 9,6:1 comp. ratio, body by Harris performance, injection controlled by an Omex ECU using GEMS software, powered by a Yamaha R6 generator and controlling a single injector per rotor in own dual 36mm throttle bodies. Variable intake system( trumpets) until 120 mm . Ecu operates on throttles on ride by wire in a copy of modular Ducati Motogp. Thanks to Brian Crighton for having made this dream possible. Thanks to Alan Cathcart for his contribution to the development of the machine.
photo MCN

22 feb 2009

trials of its trasmission

heart's filthy lessons, d. bowie 1995

Les mutations génétiques de la sixième classe...
Genetical mutations of 6th degree...
Las mutaciones genéticas de la sexta clase...
Mutações genéticas da sexta classe...

rad 02 montjuich monoswing

rad 02 endurance trellis monoswing (monster)

rad 02 corsa 999/ 749 doubleswing

ultimate 2008/2009 rad 02 trellis frame alloy double swingarm

photos courtesy Pepo Rosell
year 2309... vocal contests on colonies in earth orbit among cyborg reprogrammed, 1st prize : sudden happy death kit for two people. have a good travel to god, the big Eye sets the controls for the heart of the soul...will be a perfect day...

One time more, Pepo's and RepartoCorse's roads cross again, to let those beautiful images live: we are talkin about the 749/999 derived Rad 02 by Pepo Rosell from Radical Ducati Madrid, a must. Here's a tubular alloy frame replacing the 999 swingarm on Rad 02 Corsa, a beautiful approach without any gap between the same frame alloy on the bike and the swingarm. Out of ordinary the tail design, that rises in a way that makes me fool. Antislippery NCR clutch, Kservice mono, Spark exhausts, a oblique spy window on tank remembering old endurance times do the rest, and the body...so sensual to me...

A.o.C. -- Pepo can you tell me why to replace the 999 one with the tubular swing on your ultimate Rad 02? Wasn't it perhaps the state of the art on this kinda machines? P.R. -- Yes of course, naturally, but this choice gives to me more rigidness. You must know into the squared swing of motogp as well, sections are rounded tubular but hidden at sight. A.o.C. -- Pepo, what do you mean with Desmoresistencia? P.R. -- Anthony, this terms means to me two things...: endurance races first, and second, this is really a state of mind, a attitude to reject the actual phylosophy of Ducati; i do not appreciate at all new models, they aren't seducing, " nasty ", they are just a part of a hard line consumerism japonized to which we are enslaved. Those machines are really advanced in technique, superb, but poor in design...for example, the yhpermotard has arrived second on the market behind KTM, the 1098 is a collage which is born to please all customers in general to fill holes created by 999 failure, the monster 696 is pretty but similar to a mishmash of japanese bikes such as the MT 03 itself, the Streetfighter is a Kawasaki Z 1000 Mv Agusta tailored on the back. Ducati ain't no more the eighth wonder like before, and that's the reason why i am so sad looking at this new style after 25 years, made of ladies essence perfumery, exciting wine, Ducati people, standing down in my Desmoresistencia. A.o.C --Why did you choose a mono swingarm for your specials? P.R. -- cause it's so special to me, it's beautiful ( friends of comitate " save the double arm" will be happy at last) and it's so easy in rear wheel replacement. Whether i wanted more weight more less, i'd prefer the double; lighter, beauty and feature at the same floor. A.o.C. -- what does it mean for average customers like i use to be, looking back at a retro style all the same in time, pretty rather than to give a eye to the design changing through the decades identifying them so well, the 80's, 90's, 2000's... P.R. -- It means a crisis of ideas... milestone such as 916 ain't here anymore, and before that the Paso to give you an idea. Designers are stuck and go in the same direction, no right no left no ahead. The Tamburini F4 itself wasn't new at that time. I personally love the ultimate Yamaha R6, or the amazing prototype by Galluzzi for Aprilia exposed in Milan two years ago, simply superb, or the MT 03 at last. Starting from 90's there ain't a typical style so was born the aim to get back to the 60's or 70's to get people excited. This is the time for powerful weapons on two wheels but without heart, design, passion, and that's in conflict with my idea of savage passion inside my heart. A.o.C. -- You prepare frames by youself for your Rads or are they made by others following your personal specifications? P.R. -- ...They are hand made by italian specialists. Alloy frame by DM Telai, and the swingarm tubular alloy by Giuliano, in Italy as well following our technical specifications...

Our drink now is over with Pepo, coming back to his works to Madrid, maybe one day should RepartoCorse improve itself, i am just dreaming of a 8 valves powered Rad in my box...
For whom it may concern my idea, i just think to stay on the same line but since we'll have races, we'll find on roads superbikes performance to achieve by the different Houses; personally, i think that savage could be in a frigthful 1098 as well, interrupted in its line cybercomputerized, and the term japonization is just a redline created by market for all of them who believe in this...
It's definetely true! bikes performances are too much for our roads, but retro style is epic, ain't no more the Troy Bayliss style on his 1098?
Pepo, i hope to see you creating a special from a R6 or a CBR... blasphemy, heresy or challenge...i go for the third option...ciao.

Ancora una volta le strade di RepartoCorse n. 6 e Pepo Rosell si incrociano per dare vita alle splendide immagini inviatemi, soprattutto le ultimissime della Ducati RAd 02 di derivazione 749 che ho il grosso piacere di pubblicare, data la loro bellezza. Su questa creazione Pepo ha abbandonato il forcellone scatolato nero di derivazione 999/749 presente sulla Rad 02 corsa, per utilizzare un forcellone multitubulare in alluminio che permette cosi , a mio avviso, di conservare la continuita' visuale con l'analogo telaio in alluminio della moto. La pulizia del codone è straordinaria, cosi come si nota la spiccata tendenza dello stesso verso l'alto, dettaglio che mi fa letteralmente impazzire. Altri dettagli come la frizione antisaltellamento NCR , il tromboncino Spark, il mono Kservice, l'attuatore EVR e una striscia sul serbatoio, --- che ovviamente richiama a vecchi stilemi da corsa di durata,--- fanno il resto. Le linee parlano ovviamente da sole. . .

A.o.C. -- Pepo perche' la scelta di sostituire l'efficace forcellone precedente con questo tubulare? Lo scatolato non è forse lo stato dell'arte per questo pezzo della macchina?
P.R. -- ..beh questo offre miglior rigidita', tu mi chiedi perche' ho preferito questo e non lo scatolato, ti rispondo che anche in molte motogp, dentro lo scatolato si trovano sezioni tonde, ecco il perche' della scelta. E' migliore.
A.o.C. -- Pepo, cosa intendi tu per Desmoresistencia? per me il concetto è ancora fosco...
P.R. -- Anthony, il termine ha due connotazioni, la prima è le gare di durata cui noi ci rivolgiamo, l'altra invece è una " Attitudine", la nostra ribellione nei confronti della filosofia attuale Ducati. A me non piacciono gli attuali modelli, non sono attraenti, ne' cattivi, ma sposano la filosofia del consumismo alla giapponese. Tecnicamente sono l' avanguardia, superbi , ma non mi dicono niente come design...l'yhpermotard è bella ma è arrivata dopo la KTM, la 1098 è stata creata per piacere ad un cliente in modo generico, è un collage dopo la crisi creata dalla 999, la monster 696 mi piace ma è un mix di diverse giapponesi tipo la MT 03, e la streetfighter è una Z 1000 Kawasaki col codone della brutale mv agusta; in Ducati hanno perso la capacita' di meravigliare il mondo, e inoltre c'è la questione " Ducati people" il vino, il profumo, questa tendenza del marketing che non mi piace, questo essere o con " Lei" o contro di lei che mi turba. Dopo 25 anni sono molto deluso da questo new style, ecco perche' sono Desmoresistente.
A.o.C. -- Perche' su alcune tue special hai messo un forcellone monobraccio tubulare?
P.R. -- Perche' è stupendo ( gli amici del comitato bibraccio nel mondo saranno felici n.d.r) e nelle gare di durata è piu' facile disassemblare la ruota e cambiarla, è un sistema molto pratico. Se il target è solo il risparmio di peso allora si va sul bibraccio, come sulla ultima special fatta, utilita' e bellezza.
A.o.C. -- Per un utente medio come me, potresti spiegare perche' le moto dovrebbero avere lo stesso stile retro' intatto nel tempo e non avere invece come ora , uno stile che identifica una decade? anni 80, 90, 2000, per esempio?
P.R. -- Precisamente per una crisi di design, tutto il mondo fa una modifica o interpretazione di un modello gia esitente, nessuno fa niente di nuovo. Non esiste un design che fa un salto qualitativo in avanti , diverso da tutti gli altri, e dopo che questo design piace, rimane nel tempo come un capolavoro . L’ultimo riferimento è stata la 916, come 5 anni prima la PASO . Dopo, anche Tamburini non ha portato niente di nuovo con la MV F4 . Personalmente le ultimi disegni che mi hanno ispirato qualche cosa sono la nuova R6 Yamaha, la MT 03 e il prototipo di Galluzzi per Aprilia presentato a Milano due anni fa (semplicemente superbo). Dal 90 in poi non si puo' dire ci sia uno stile che identifica quegli anni. E per questo che si ritorna alle interpretazioni di vecchi style ,anni 60 e 70, perche' erano moto emozionanti … questo è il tempo delle moto da consumo, con prestazioni allucinanti ma senza cuore e design, e cio' non rientra nei miei canoni di moto passionale e "selvaggia" ma con una tecnica attuale.
A.o.C -- Il bellissimo telaio multitubulare e il forcellone che mi hai mandato montati sulla Rad 02, li ha fatti una ditta in particolare seguendo le tue indicazioni o li fai tu, in genere?
P.R. -- Sia il telaio come il forcellone sono stati fabbricati da specialisti italiani . Il telaio e' uno sviluppo nostro fabbricato dalla DM Telai e il forcellone e' stato progettato e fabbricato da un "ragazzo" italiano, Giuliano, sulla base nostre idee.

...La nostra chiacchierata con un buon drink finisce cosi, salutando Pepo...chissa '... se e quando il RepartoCorse n. 6 dovesse allargarsi, un salto a Madrid per una sua special a 8 valvole non sia solo un idea ma una possibile realta'...per cio' che possa interessare , la mia opinione sulle sue idee sono di massimo rispetto, anche se alcuni aspetti non sono condivisi...finche ' ci saranno le gare e le corse, esistera' sempre una rincorsa delle case a moto prestazionali e tecnicamente cattive, e personalmente non credo che uno style retro' possa essere piu' selvaggio di una 1098 squadrata e spezzata, e la cosiddetta giapponesizzazione sia solo un dualismo creato ad arte per creare un mercato. E' vero che queste prestazioni allucinanti sono troppo eccessive per le nostre strade... Lo style retro' richiama ad epiche sfide, ma a me una 1098 richiama comunque a un certo Troy Bayliss... cosa c'è di poco epico in lui?..nella sua macchina da gara tekhnocratica... Sarebbe bello Pepo vederti all'opera su una R6 o una CBR, bella sfida... o eresia? ciao...

20 feb 2009


" La Boum "( Il tempo delle mele), France 1980, Claude Pinoteau

team Doc 125 SP Aprilia
Giulia Atzori , Junior GP 125 Aprilia, 2006.

Giulia Atzori, "the Screamer ". 18 yo, 50 kilos, 80 heart beats x minute, 4 ( cardiac) valves, 4.5 liters/minute blood flow cardiac output, mixed air and liquid central core cooled, fairy blonde, favourite position : flat out. full blast!

Giulia Atzori, 999 Ducati R ,warm up.

courtesy G. Atzori, 18 years old. n. 39.
Giulia , you must scream it to the world, so the world will know it !!
RepartoCorse n. 6....into the Very Important People ! !

photos G. Atzori

19 feb 2009


Glossknocker high road peak, Austrian Alps. Paolo's 1999 Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport, Yellow.
855 CC, 3 cyclinder in line water cooled. 83 HP, 224 kgs, 6 gears oiled clutch. Maximum freedom.

somewhere in italy, 11 0' clock tic toc...

With this huge picture, i open this nitetime space introducing the beautiful moto above, a Triumph Thunderbird 900 cc Sport by Paolo, a very design lover from Italy. I can't remain breatheless staring, and dreaming to stay just there on that road... another beautiful "polaroid" , a piece of life typical of Reparto Corse. The will to be free is perfectly into the photography, thanks a lot Paolo. I asked Paolo the reason of a choice like that, and i understand that Thunderbird is his life's bike... a concept, a mindshape that RepartoCorse should learn one day...

I know Paolo is a rude cycles lover, like many people otherwise...so his actual opinion is that gross bikes such as 70's Honda, Ducati, Laverda, Guzzi, are definitely gone to another planet pretty far from here, and 80's overshadowing fairy designed cycles (Ducati for example) as well to waste, thinkin about Aprilia V4 or its italian challenger 1098, powerful but japonized pinpoint for his personal opinion, from the other side. To be sincere, i remain baffled since he told me to wish for the present a sort of " 24h a day " bikes like Kawasaki ER-6 , which is really a easy bike to move masses, and i find really a small conflict in whatta said before about a certain homesick of rude shapes and concepts... but we all know that Repartocorse is a grinder of emotions based on logical-mathematical basements founded on the living present , emotions used to feed itself like a cyberanimal...and from the otherside i try to stop its trend to go too beyond soul matters for a better understanding...

Respectfully of this path, i do not believe at all that rude bikes are gone... i just think that technology has made them more cyberpopular, but they scream more than ever... anyway all of this could be a source of further words about it, and for this moment i thankyou once again this guy for his brilliant shot, that enhances really, this diary of this late, starry and cold beautiful nite.

photo by Paolo " K "

18 feb 2009


1. ducati ncr hailwood 950 endurance 1979. 2 all over the world. The Good
2. ducati ncr 860 1980. The Good.

3. ducati ncr hailwood replica 2008 titanium frame 5 kilos, 100 k euros. The Bad.

4. ducati 900 hailwood replica 2001 by Pierre Terblanche. the Ugly.
Despite all challenges all over the years among ducatistis, i find all of those three machines very lovely ( the second above all). The Terblanche designed a bit kitsch to be honest, anyway could struck at first ( not second) sight.
But i must say that RepartoCorse n. 6 supports this machine: Ducati 848 NCR, Thunder Canada Champion 2008 " V. Bartolini" . 145 BHP prepared, 122 BHP to race rules,brakes pipelines by Frentubo, no airfilters, Bremboracing brakes pistons, titanium rods, higher compression pistons, NCR antislippery oiled clutch, 12.500 rounds limited, bodyfair by NCR, torque 13 kg/m, Termignoni 57mms, offset front fork 28 mms, 160 kilos prepared, 170 kilos to race rules, genuine spare parts by NCR Poggipollini, Italy. Electronics review by eng. Comandini...With compliments...there will be a more competitive future in more gross categories for this bike? I hope so.

photos N. Wynne ( ncr 860 and ncr 950 endurance). all rights reserved; any use or abuse or reproduction could be prosecuted by law by the author, with no responsability from RepartoCorse n. 6.

17 feb 2009

Hard Core XXX

M. A. D.

Mutually assured destruction (M.A.D.) is a doctrine of military strategy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two opposing sides would effectively result in the destruction of both the attacker and the defender. It is based on the theory of deterrence according to which the deployment of strong weapons is essential to threaten the enemy in order to prevent the use of the very same weapons. The strategy is effectively a form of Nash equilibrium, in which both sides are attempting to avoid their worst possible outcome...

nuclear annihilation.

Who just could be the one to worm into secret bunkers discovering the ultimate "Weapons of Mass Distruction "...? or " Distraction " ...??!! Corse... RepartoCorse n. 6... of Course...!

Aprilia Race Machine 1000 V4 sbk 09 " Max Biaggi number 3" live in tests World Superbike Championships in Portimao, Jan. 2009. Aprilia paddocks. Italian letal weapons !

photo G.M. kind courtesy

16 feb 2009

Reparto Corse n. 6 100 x 100

courtesy " the Great" Gregory B. for RepartoCorse n 6 , 16. feb. 2009
Not everybody knows that Bimota manufactered for Yamaha a very limited number of frames dedicated to pure races in 70's and 80's...
This is one of a series of Bimota framed Yamaha TZ 350 cc Jon Ekerold World Champion GP 350 in 1980, appeared in 1975.
Main features of this stunning bike are the upper rail running in a straight line from the steering head to the swingarm pivot, providing maximum rigidity, and helium gas pressure charging, to have the effect of further weight reduction and also add rigidity.
This cycle has won a lot, and the first course seems to me a real pearl in terms of technique...like always Bimota is expected to be nowadays...
Sold in Italy in 2003.
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15 feb 2009

Thanks God it's Sunday...

HD ElectraGlide ultraclassic, 1458 cc, 70 BHP, cruise control up to 140 kmH, hifi +cd, american luxury. All inclusive.

photo A.o.C

14 feb 2009

Ordinary life in SBK

lap on, K. Smrz WSBK 2008 ; board speaks clear...

Shot from the very inside, paddock Team Guandalini Racing Team Ducati 1098 RS 08. I couldn't ask for more...

courtesy team Guandalini.

13 feb 2009

G3netiSCHE MUtaTIoN3n deR SecHstEn KLASS das JAhrHundeRt n. 21

Genetical mutations of 6th degree

Marzocchi forks 50 mms, Magura steer wheels, Brembo brakes radials, radial straight connection to fork. Once was Monster....

afterbrush.... surgical gloves

a thrilling captured image of the bionic man... a rare image of one of my favourite superheroes... Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, this shot reminds me to childhood comics of Bruce Banner( Hulk), frightful Tony Stark at work (Ironman), the Avengers, and the Six million dollar man, Steve Austin .... like them, from a hard story was born during endless days waiting for surgical operations, the intimate strenght to give birth to his postpunk projects...

The Six Million Dollar Man ( part 2)
the front axl assembly

name : Daniel, Italy, a mad very alive...
critical injury : cycle crash accident , 2004
anatomical damage: both legs, right arm, left eye
operational procedure: bionic replacement
estimated cost: classified

"... we can rebuild him...we have the technology... we have the key of the government acknowledgement to build the first world bionic man...better than he was before... BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER...

photos Daniele Dalcin

freely inspired ...from tv series " the six million dollar man" , usa, 1978

11 feb 2009

G3netiSCHE MUtaTIoN3n deR SecHstEn KLASS das JAhrHundeRt n. 21

Genetical mutations of 6th degree

Tesi in progress...
( part 1)

work in progress on Bimota Tesi 2 d by daniele the Six Million dollar man.
the singular stock lefthanded analogic revcounter with led for rpm limit and shift light( nascar style), and the lightbrushed double swingarm fullpart derived light alloy: simply beautiful...

photos by the six million dollar man