6 feb 2009

better, stronger, faster...

2500 hours : light brushing to : rims, frame, swingarm, forks,radiator and hoses, pedals, fasteners, carter clutch and alternator, water pump, steer plates high and low, steer adsorber. Bionic power. Once was monster...

The six million dollar man
( part 1)

name : Daniel, Italy, a mad very alive...

critical injury : cycle crash accident , 2004

anatomical damage: both legs, right arm, left eye

operational procedure: bionic replacement

estimated cost: classified

.." we can rebuild him...we have the technology... we have the key of the government acknowledgement to build the first world bionic man...better than he was before... BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER..."

photos Daniele Dalcin

freely inspired ...from tv series " the six million dollar man" , usa, 1978