13 feb 2009

G3netiSCHE MUtaTIoN3n deR SecHstEn KLASS das JAhrHundeRt n. 21

Genetical mutations of 6th degree

Marzocchi forks 50 mms, Magura steer wheels, Brembo brakes radials, radial straight connection to fork. Once was Monster....

afterbrush.... surgical gloves

a thrilling captured image of the bionic man... a rare image of one of my favourite superheroes... Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, this shot reminds me to childhood comics of Bruce Banner( Hulk), frightful Tony Stark at work (Ironman), the Avengers, and the Six million dollar man, Steve Austin .... like them, from a hard story was born during endless days waiting for surgical operations, the intimate strenght to give birth to his postpunk projects...

The Six Million Dollar Man ( part 2)
the front axl assembly

name : Daniel, Italy, a mad very alive...
critical injury : cycle crash accident , 2004
anatomical damage: both legs, right arm, left eye
operational procedure: bionic replacement
estimated cost: classified

"... we can rebuild him...we have the technology... we have the key of the government acknowledgement to build the first world bionic man...better than he was before... BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER...

photos Daniele Dalcin

freely inspired ...from tv series " the six million dollar man" , usa, 1978