5 feb 2009


FZR 1000 genesis 1993. 300 euros all inclusive

no more double front lights( like the 1987 one) , USD forks fitted, EXUP (The exhaust ultimate power valve --EXUP-- is a device fitted to selected Yamaha FZR, YZF, XV1900, R series , that constantly adjusts the back pressure within the collector of the exhaust system to enhance pressure wave formation as a function of engine speed. This ensures good low to mid-range performance). At low engine speeds the wave pressure within the pipe network is low. A full oscillation of the Helmholtz resonance occurs before the exhaust valve is closed, and to increase low-speed torque, large amplitude exhaust pressure waves are artificially induced. This is achieved by partial closing of an internal valve within the exhaust — the EXUP valve — at the point where the four primary pipes from the cylinders join. This junction point essentially behaves as an artificial atmosphere. The alteration of the pressure at this point controls the behavior of reflected waves at this sudden increase in area discontinuity. Closing the valve increases the local pressure, inducing the formation of larger amplitude negative reflected expansion waves. A servo motor controlled by the ECU opens and shuts the valve. The EXUP valve operation goes from being almost fully closed at idle speed, through to being fully open at 9000 to 11000 RPM .

fzr genesis 1000 carburetors. a wonderful view of tail.

This is a four stroke, water cooled, duel overhead cam engine with an excellent reliability and longevity record to back it up. The engine has a smooth wide torque curve that gives good even power without the unpredictable power band of a two stroke sled motor. This engine comes stock with a dry sump oil system and also has a divider in the center of the pan with two separate oil pickups, one on each side of the divider, that way it can still pump oil at a steep uphill or steep downhill angle. The oil pan is also "V" shaped so it can pickup oil even if laying at a severe angle in either direction. You almost cannot starve this engine for oil at any angle. The crank shaft has a huge extra roller bearing at the end of the crank. Duel fuel pumps also stock.
140 bhp, rear suspension monocross, deltabox frame, engine lifting( compared to previous model ) , alloy rims.

From GENESIS fz 1985 750 ( the first Genesis of all) through GENESIS fzr 1988 to yzf r1 1997's ( mighty bike ) .....to r1 2003.... to r1 2009... a true story of a Darwinian evolution...
photos by anthony of coasts