4 feb 2009

Nurburgring circuit. The sanctuary...?

Nardo' brand new handling circuit 6222 mts, eng. Angelo Sticchi Damiani : 1 km max lenght straight stretch , 7 right curves, 9 left. Amazing the Carrousel curve. Inside a technological research centre, Prototipo Group, dedicated to engines, speed, surfaces, tyres, suspensions, pavings, dreamsportscars and dreamsportsbikes prototype testing, electronic devices. The most important and advanced in Europe. The New Era Arcade.

Doesn't exist on this net a respectable blog without a very touching heart page dedicated to the Nurburgring circuit.
Reparto corse , like always, wont give a damn to this weeping trend looking ahead to the present and the future in respect of the past. . Sigh sigh...i am gonna cry about that .... the new pilgrimage: From Garda to Nardo' on my 1098 ; nothing remains than just doing it !! It's a promise. Don't follow the line; just trace it please !!

Die Tekhnocratie !!!!