31 mar 2009

Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit
Wartend In Einsamkeit...

Greg Bennett

After Mr. Tony Foale, it's a holy right of this space to give a tribute to another proudly Australian Author here, Greg Bennet, the Ph.D of motors Yamaha TZ series racing and all its derived. An amazing view on this unbelievable world of racing bikes. The satisfaction's guaranteed....

Greeetings to all the people living Down Under, Ciao!!

30 mar 2009


video by A.o.C

paritranaya sadhunamvinasaya ca duskritamdharma-samstapanarthayasambhavami yuge yuge

Discendo di era in era per liberare le persone pie, per annientare i miscredenti e ristabilire i princìpi della religione

I descend through the Time to rescue the pious ...annihilate the heretic, restore the Principles of the Religion...

( ...I'm gonna follow my heart , i'm gonna swallow my tears...)

Ducati SS 900 SP 1995

-Rebuilt motor (less than 1,200 miles - 30k on chassis) w/ high compression pistons.
-Ported and polished intake, custom exhaust, mods to rear suspension to fit 180 section tire
-Full spec Race Tech suspension, racing airbox w/ K&N filter, 5 coats of Glasirut w/ clear over all decals/panels.
-Added carbon bling, custom seat w/ red leather panel (foam modified for more comfortable feel) & carbon "look" vinyl trim.
- Motorax fender elim kit & turn signals.
-HID lighting system and rebuilt the OEM Mikuni carbs.

photo by M5zealot, San Diego, USA

28 mar 2009

Tony Foale

Before the night of the blinding lights, i was a wanderer, having analized, pondered, explored...three months in the hyperspace just to see how deep is the engines world, i couldn't imagine that...
I should have been more monomaniac , or monopolize this space with threads painted in the same identical fashion, to use more " Copy and Paste " , to stay better around my table and taste the same wine for ever and ever...telling you that the rest is " Out " !
But i guess there's a single way to talk about exciting engines, and that is just talk! This is not a " Topic ", this is a full space made by extraordinary people into the engines, people who ARE the engines themselves.
One day not so long ago, i asked Mr Tony Foale for coming into his marvelous world to have the chance to publish simply what is it : his large impressive archive... the image above is the tangible touch of all of this, for whom it might concern of course...I feel bewildered for real ...
RC6 is a experimental entity In Utero, but i straightforwardly hope to keep on keepin on this adventure. Goodnight everybody.

Prima di partorire questo spazio, RepartoCorse aveva analizzato, aveva esplorato, ponderato, valutato ... In questi tre mesi di brevissima vita, devo dire che le potenzialita' offerte dall'etere per poter discutere di motori è pressoche' infinita, sterminata...Questo avrebbe potuto essere uno dei tanti --bellissimi-- blog tematici, dove si puo' stare intorno ad un tavolo a discutere di un buon vino, o quanto meno quella tipologia, avrebbe potuto essere uno dei molti blog dove la aggregazione è dettata dallo stesso interesse comune...il resto è "Out "! Avrebbe potuto essere un semplice " Topic"... o un efficace " Copia-Incolla"... Ma esistono altri siti per fare questo.
Io credo invece che esiste un solo modo di parlare di motori emozionanti, e cioè parlarne e basta, senza troppi colori o vessilli di appartenenza.
In questo periodo di vita embrionale di RC6 ho testato le straordinarie possibilita' e la vastita' del mondo dei motori. Ho potuto conoscere persone che trasudano passione, che fanno e hanno fatto la storia della moto e che SONO essi stessi le moto, e che partecipano per mia mano a questo spazio in maniera imponente... e divagare anche nel mondo delle auto particolari...
Tempo fa ho chiesto a Tony Foale di poter entrare nel suo mondo per poterne essere testimone e divulgatore assolutamente obbiettivo, e la sua risposta, per mia fortuna , è stata affermativa. Poter utilizzare il suo imponente archivio, dopo quello di altri Autori su questo spazio, mi rende assolutamente smarrito di fronte alla persona in se'.
L'immagine sopra ne è un tocco tangibile, per chi possa comprendere.
Reparto Corse n. 6 è ancora un embrione protoplasmatico, ma spero rimanga una avventura straordinaria che continui a toccare le diverse passioni in tutti gli angoli del pianeta. Serena notte....

in the photo Tony Foale © : QL BMW 1000 1985 project.
any reproduction forbidden

27 mar 2009

...Maybe nobody knows that RC6 reads too much... It should have been less sensible to the world imput bites, but first of all It is a cellular technological trash disposal...All is around and It misses it... any engine start is possible without a parallax of Its mind...because for It, running is to going out from grope in the dark...
because It is a paranoid biker into a paranoid world... speed just speed, replay and repeat. Replay and repeat....Offender.....

Honda CBR , photo by Maguro
Where is my mind?
abnormally unstructured
human shapes
mirrors implosion
any process is determined


26 mar 2009


Dedicated to :
Fernando, Helio, Vincent, Joel, Gigi. And to whom it may concern...
4 in the world, one is here for you. Regards.

photos M.o.C.

25 mar 2009

46th century goodfellow.

MotoGuzzi "Teste Tonde "

Goin up and down the web it is available a big amount of Guzzi photographs, really, even if really polluted by good guys that means to me a drag show more than a passion. RC6 is a little bit catty sometimes, and shows to be not a good fellow on the air, and must be given a penalty every two days , but i know that a real Guzzista never deserves this action !!
But RC6 's always unsatisfied, often on the heels of something different...
The real strenght of RC6( for the strong circle of followers i really care deeply) is to reach for people sourrounding me that, for what concern bikes, is among the best, for my opinion. What i try to do in my life as well ( even if 30 percent of times is a true turkey to me).
Tonight i submit with pleasure a very strong guy into the bike's world : Boris Minoretti. Nothing better remains to me than learn all of this data from the wise men.
Goodnight to every REAL Guzzista. Regards.
ps. please visit www.lagrottadichirone.blogspot.com ; i think there's something true to read. bye.


Sempre in giro, sempre a caccia di qualcosa di differente dal "Deja Vu" , sempre insoddisfatto.... Capisco che RC6 a volte puo' essere un poco dispettoso lontano dai canoni del buon fanciullo,e per questo dovrebbe essere bacchettato sulle mani ogni due giorni, pero' guardando in giro foto di Moto Guzzi, ho pensato che un vero Guzzista non merita davvero una parata fashion ma qualcosa di piu' legato alla sua vera anima !! Io credo che ( per i pochi affezionati lettori cui sono molto legato ) , la vera energia derivi dalla presenza indiretta di persone che sono fortemente nel mondo delle moto ( anche nella vita cerco di farlo, ma almeno una volta su tre è un vero fiasco direi).
Stasera introduco Boris Minoretti che avra' molto da dire come altri autori qui, e a me non resta che imparare e imparare dando loro la giusta parola...
Davvero una serena notte( o Giorno) a ogni Guzzista Vero. Saluti.
ps. www.lagrottadichirone.blogspot.com ; a mio avviso c'è qualcosa di vero da leggere e vedere. Byebye.

magnesium rims.

Bruno Scola, one of major experts of Guzzi racing. a single word: a myth!

"Guzzi Teste tonde" chassis Tonti modified, front trellis frame to alternative carter.

photos Boris Minoretti

24 mar 2009

Overjoy, Saturday Night Teenager Show Challenge...

2nd place...

Honda cafe', Tokyo.

photo by maguro, tokyo decadence poet, and biker. and friend.

From today, down under at the end of posts on this page, a personal point of view on planet music, on people who, anyway, at the end, have something to communicate to the audience...getting it very strong.
Are you gonna go my way....?

22 mar 2009

FUN-DA- MENTAL activities for healthy and young people

Saturday Night, SHOPPING in the City Centre

Dave Gahan in concert

Saturday morning, messing around downtown looking for chicks

Luca Conforti, Monza test CIV, March 21st 2009, 11.00 am.

Ducati 1098 F08 before a concert

photo courtesy by G. M.

Private collection by F. Marconi, Misano, Italy
Ducati Parallel Twin 250 Hailwood replica.
In 1960, the Sugar Daddy Stain Hailwood from Oxfordshire, asked Ducati for a toy for his nascent star gentleman Mike, so Mr. Taglioni later realized for a certain Mr. Berliner that 125cc plus 125 cc is = 250 cc...DOCH ..et voila'...the parallel twin was born!
This sugababe would become Mike " the bike" , and a King George Honour Decoration in 1973 for having saved Clay Regazzoni in car race accident in SouthAfrica Championship F1. Not bad...
Do you like this Story...?

RC6Caffe' Girls, available in your city right close to you...call for one Now!

New perspectives
g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

dedicated to all of those buying a motorcycle taking care of their fiancee'. Regards.
...stay with us, taste our unmistakable coffee' arabica... delicious...our girls( above) will provide it to You directly without commitment or obligation.

21 mar 2009

Shot from Qatar

Max Biaggi, Aprilia Team Racing World SBK, Losail round last week.

photo courtesy Lara Cordioli, racer.

20 mar 2009

The Six Million dollar Man ( part IV)

In the first three chapters dedicated to Daniele( see label " Six Million Dollars Man") we have known a general approach to his project... a view " total body of frame and engine, and the makeover (or ontogenesis as you prefer), of the front apparatus of the machine.
Here's a introduction to several phases of shift from a stock frame blue coloured into a shiny crazy " diamond"....

different phases of shiny brushing on the chassis of the Monster... Once was a Monster...

News today 4589, March the 20th.

Wanted dead or alive, NeoJesus of Rasnjafah, Terrorist rebels Head in field. Enemy n. 1 of AntiPope Doctrine, Your one and only...Doctrine. The Doctrine of Your perfect life on the Earth...
Special remarks: Phalse Christian, Apology of the Evil. Enemy of the Order.
Reward ... 1 Billion credits. Sentenced to torture til death from Ethical Committee for Religious Conflicts ...

NeoJesus Prayer

" non credo in te.non credo nell'istinto.non credo nell'emozione.non credo nell'espressione umana.non credo nella fede reciproca.- sono una macchina ad attivazione logica.- sono un movimento calcolato nell'universo organico.- sono un attrattore oscuro di vacuità semipermanente.la gestione del mio corpo è solo un complesso interagire di variabili impazzite.la casualità intrinseca dei biomateriali dai quali siamo composti è pazzia....sono reazioni elettriche in/volontarie che costellano presunte profondità emozionali....sono database caratteriali costellati da stringhe e query mancanti di variabili definite....sono software organici privi di diagnostiche e debugger.nessuna scalabilità.nessun controllo operativo.nessun dato affidabile."

" No believe in thou...no believe in istinct, no emotions no more.they say...
i don't believe in this human expression. no reciprocal faith. am i a logical machine, a predictable molecule in the organic universe... i capture the dark vacuum in Eternal but not for ever. The variables net of my body parts astray.inner casualties of biomaterials into us are pure madness divine....only electrical reactions out of control, a not dependent from us constellation of assumptions deeper into our heart..behaviour database settled by strings and missing query of predictible variables... i am a organic software with no diagnosis and debugger. no scalability.no control .no data reliable. "

free translation and adaptation by RC6
photos by Daniele Dalcin

Suggestion of the week
RC6 proposes.... to whom it may concern...

SPORT PROTOTIPOS by Joel Marcos Cesetti
" RC6 goes to Brazil....."



19 mar 2009

Hard Core XXX

I am a Ducati 1098 owner, and being naturally supporter of Ducati bikes in races in general, i found a small lack in beauty presences in the Ducati Official site, for what concern this kinda pictures, spectacular and heart taking. So, i provided myself thanks to a friend of mine...Jacub. Here's in a circus revolution in race 1 before to stuck cause a failure of the steer adsorber in race 2, Losail...No starting grid for him ....
I can't stay without porn.....

courtesy K. Smrz
The Controller...Advertising Spaces.

Every Motorcycles Brand has its own blog, and, of course, its faithfully bloggers...

Gregory Maria Limpidex, C.E.O. Head Manager of E.No magnetobikes ®

Yamaha TZ 350, 1980.
Private collection F. S. Marconi, Misano, Italy.

"alienazione a reti unificate, Pietro Marchese, 2006"

United States of
"E.No magnetobikes ®" Bloggers

remove mirror
remove disk
change boot order on Bios setup
convert to dynamic disk
add mirror
select disk 1
wait for mirror reconstruction

If your RAID is hardware-type (managed by the Controller) you must refer to the documentation of your Controller...

Regards by A.o. C.

17 mar 2009

Reparto Corse Caffe'

New RepartoCorse Caffe'... Location, Italy. Taste with us the breeze of a new day. Be first, be a RC6 people......

Fathers and Sons


News from planet RC6

Retired from the roads, and moved to circuit the 1st time on 7th March with joy ( next test will be on 21st, Sat. March, 09.40 a.m.), here 's a bunch of shots of 500 V2 upgrading, my little glorious Toy to attack the heart of " planet 600 jappo " on circuits with. All i have to do is waiting for a simple adjustment of the free wheel of the start engine and to test the bike on Franciacorta circuit, possibly on Easter the morning...Hope my back will be good for that time....am I getting older perhaps? I am taking this current year for my personal training on track, then i hope to survive to all of this....
Yesterday, a webfriend of mine, has retired from the Ducati world, having matched a BMW in his box. I am supposed to be a Ducatista, even if i do not appreciate to be in a cell with a name or numbercode. I must say to be sorry for that....but i am not complaining for this...because i understand well his own personal point of view. Regards.

The cockpit. Better than the 1098 one, for my own personal opinion, where is problematic to read the rounding/minute on. Even squatted behind the plexiglass, every information is always available and shiny at sight like on a big tv screen...

Posterior view, clean and pure as it should be. The infinite theory of rounds of pipes with the double couple of decompression chambers ( two exhausts and the two chambers here in the picture). A piece of foolish madness...It is available a exhaust kit from Jolly motors starting straight from cylinders going at the end underneath the seat, bypassing the middle chambers gone away, but i have a weakness really for the original layout with exhausts on the right side of the machine. This get me excited!

Handles displacement closer than the 1098. More Gp suite, less Sbk style.

Waiting for the racing front fair. Lights removed. The "flimsiness" of any arrays makes the machine very light( it's possible even to lift up the front easily with my own arms with no problems). But despite this, the front of the bike is very stiff and the bike is unmatchable in stability while running in curve quickly.

Side view. Mirrors, and indicators removed. Gp squatting seat like with pedals very close to the seat to the front...( sbk more down towards the rear).

A guarantee for your back's health. Very different style from a Sbk suite. Fairs can be removed in 5 minutes. Easier than the 1098 and its infinite theory of fasteners. Oil tank is very capacious, more than every sport bike on market( but gasoline goes to waste very very fast as well....).

So...I really need to improve my body fitness...

photos A.o. C