4 mar 2009

Desmoresistencia? Japanproof...!!!

RepartoCorse is for open wide frontiers among riders...So, a new collaboration is born... from Japan, shots from the 21st c3nTury bOyz....

80's Suzuki GSx R 750,one of the most beautiful bikes built on the planet ever; that's a 21st century boy garage version ..........
photo by maguro, " Loud Lightning" , japan.

air+oil cooled( Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) by Eng. Yokouchi (as seen from Mustang P51 war aircraft);

production 1985-1992, versions : F-G-H-J-K-L-M-limited edition-RR. 87000 models manufactered. 100 bhp, 70 x 48.7 , 4 cyl. online, 4 carburetors Mikuni 29 mms, mono full floater, front rim 18", TSCC( high compression) oil cooling ( by Eng. Piatti , Italy), engine carters magnesium.

Alloy frame double cradle 8.2 kilos, swingarm 2.6 kilos.

Torque: 7.2kg/m, comp. ratio 10.6 : 1 , oiled clutch 6 gears, front forks Kayaba + antidive PDF( positive damping force),41 mms,192 kgs.

Palmares: 1984 Bol'd'Or; 1983,1987,1988 Endurance world Championship; 2nd and 3rd place TTF1 World Championship 1985, 1st 200 miles Daytona 1988( K.Schwantz).

B I G - I N - J A P A N

Daily Novastar , March, 4th, 4589. News from the earth...

Rockstar Idol " Faugee' Kounamory " , 33 years old, dies during the concert held at Zione Park, SapporoCity, Hokkaido Isle, United States of China. Probably the cause an overdose shock of electrosounds through her brain chips. The artificial heart failed...350,000 fans go into ecstasies... 276 injuried, 17 deads. SapporoCity under strike.
Programmed suicide or terrorism attack from the Chinese Government beneath the counter against Japanese separatists? Faugee's body still disappeared...
The Chinese Leader Gu Nan Ki Boon says : a great loss for the planetary sound system...

Faugee' Kounamory discography:
4589 : Cover my feet in snakes ( Maniac Popular records )
4587 : Mutant, Rape me on the floor ( Maniac Popular records )
4583 : I have seen NeoJesus ( Globular Sounds records)
4579 : Electrify my skin ( Independent Indies records)