17 mar 2009

Reparto Corse Caffe'

New RepartoCorse Caffe'... Location, Italy. Taste with us the breeze of a new day. Be first, be a RC6 people......

Fathers and Sons


News from planet RC6

Retired from the roads, and moved to circuit the 1st time on 7th March with joy ( next test will be on 21st, Sat. March, 09.40 a.m.), here 's a bunch of shots of 500 V2 upgrading, my little glorious Toy to attack the heart of " planet 600 jappo " on circuits with. All i have to do is waiting for a simple adjustment of the free wheel of the start engine and to test the bike on Franciacorta circuit, possibly on Easter the morning...Hope my back will be good for that time....am I getting older perhaps? I am taking this current year for my personal training on track, then i hope to survive to all of this....
Yesterday, a webfriend of mine, has retired from the Ducati world, having matched a BMW in his box. I am supposed to be a Ducatista, even if i do not appreciate to be in a cell with a name or numbercode. I must say to be sorry for that....but i am not complaining for this...because i understand well his own personal point of view. Regards.

The cockpit. Better than the 1098 one, for my own personal opinion, where is problematic to read the rounding/minute on. Even squatted behind the plexiglass, every information is always available and shiny at sight like on a big tv screen...

Posterior view, clean and pure as it should be. The infinite theory of rounds of pipes with the double couple of decompression chambers ( two exhausts and the two chambers here in the picture). A piece of foolish madness...It is available a exhaust kit from Jolly motors starting straight from cylinders going at the end underneath the seat, bypassing the middle chambers gone away, but i have a weakness really for the original layout with exhausts on the right side of the machine. This get me excited!

Handles displacement closer than the 1098. More Gp suite, less Sbk style.

Waiting for the racing front fair. Lights removed. The "flimsiness" of any arrays makes the machine very light( it's possible even to lift up the front easily with my own arms with no problems). But despite this, the front of the bike is very stiff and the bike is unmatchable in stability while running in curve quickly.

Side view. Mirrors, and indicators removed. Gp squatting seat like with pedals very close to the seat to the front...( sbk more down towards the rear).

A guarantee for your back's health. Very different style from a Sbk suite. Fairs can be removed in 5 minutes. Easier than the 1098 and its infinite theory of fasteners. Oil tank is very capacious, more than every sport bike on market( but gasoline goes to waste very very fast as well....).

So...I really need to improve my body fitness...

photos A.o. C