10 apr 2009

FACES in Superbike by Mauro Mazzero

...Earth keep on rumbling
my tears out of control
Pope excommunicates dead philosophers
you should see how it feels keep your feet on the ground
i find my hands dirty of blood but it's not mine
brown sugar skin like a drizzling in my brain
i surrender to desire
in a slow motion i feel someone burning in my veins
i'm wearing the inside out vomiting sliding out of surface
no advertising today, mercy for my mind
mesmerizing with mescaline
i wake up every second
make up drooling i touch it on your face....

Electrified Ground Zero

let me in the sounds....

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Noriyuky Haga, death drifter.

courtesy M. Mazzero

next to come ...the extrasensorial visions of Damien Basset, designer.