2 apr 2009

R. I. P. .... and the winner is...... D.O.A. ( dead on arrival)

Next on this screen, Aermacchi Harley Davidson Mono Racing, by Nicola, Bergamo, Italy, and other bikes, Live, 2009.
I have mailed these pictures (because it's not so usual to see a moto like that walking down the street like i did) to Tony Foale because i know he is restoring his own private Aermacchi H.D. , and of course, he did appreciate it for so long.

Stay in touch.



A magnificent and naif touch of a hard rock band based on the powership of the vocalist and the first guitarist, now both devoted to a softer successfull sugar career. The seeds of A generational Hymn that never rose up in this beautiful beloved extraordinary country.

" ... I still stand here, with nothing, streets, lights, anyway i defend and don't surrender...my generation is a cold fire, born here i live and believe in Nothing, i was told that the world was being burned 30 years ago, i was told that all was opposite 20 years ago... but now i'm ready to spread my wings in the freedom , ain't no wind...i'll try to leave some piece of mine in this Time, jumpin in the Void i'm gonna wait for our chance..........."

aermacchi H.D. photo by Anthony of Coasts