14 mag 2009



NEWS from RC6

3rd of May...Out from a hair pin turn 180 degrees in 2 gear prox a 90 degree turn on the left, before wide opening the gas flat out 100x100 on the main straight .... same controls, same managing, monotonous driving on closed circuit makes me feel able to keep the full dominion of my negative emotions reaching for a sort of perfection in a isolated state of mind. I think this is the best attitude to learn...Here, i felt more relaxed and easy than the very first time .Will come the time to switch on the stopwatch, this is my Challenge in this Time.....I couldn't get better to start than a 1098 and a V2 500.

...Training goes on... Unfortunately, i spend too much time out track between two rounds of training, but i think this is very important to me to test my will to run( that is really enormous) and to fix well informations in my brain. Improving basic approaches, top speed, lines and feelings...Starting to follow and interact with other bikers...Moving to them. In this round i have really strung up ( impiccato) my Ducati 1098 braking on hard restrain and i have realized and focused in these few miles beginning, the best approach to a softer and sweeter mode to get down faster than before without rear tyre blockage and severe chattering, even if i find it very funny at the end of a straightline, coming into a 90 degree curve at about 180 km per hour. I must to say that i know now the reason why people get well to start going on circuits learning on a 4 cilinders 600 cc jap bikes, because it ain't absolutely easy as you think to drive at the best a twin Ducati powered 160 bhp ( or a 500 cc twin 2 strokes), cause you have to be really cunning, i do not think is a kid matter....But i am very happy and proud to start so hardly... The people from Brescia area coming into track is really dammned like hell, all bikes are well tuned, and i can see very well how could be different a original final transmission ratio from a dedicated part, so i wanna understand by myself in details the relations laws between transmission and engine deliveries to enhancing speed flows track by track...This circuit is a small Dante's Cave Circle, and this is true...Tyres consumption so far has been irregular because a troubled warming due to low temperatures at the time of first laps ( 6 degrees Celsius, 15 the second time), so they appeared a bit more downgraded, but last time with 24 degrees temp., 2,1 front pressure and 1,9 rear, everything was alright with them on tarmac, and they seem less torn up after a single round: much better. Pedals are to be forwarded a little bit and to the top, and i must say that my leather suite is really unconfortable because not perfectly gloving my body as i would... and it's too heavy my god...low price...low quality and fit...and i need to lose three kilos more at last to fit at the best into my body. I need something that pick me up because i feel my body really not so well toned, and this is not good for a 36er who wanna race...

The future: carry on with racing on Franciacorta circuit, put down on track the V2 500 two strokes to training on it and diversify my training with a very 2 strokes twin masculine bike without electronics device to domesticate the engine power, focus more and more on defects, and ( for my opinion), to think to start to train on a circuit that is really opposite to the Franciacorta circuit... and this is ...Monza. I must go there. I want to go there; maybe a suicide...Probably i think i 'll be ready at the end of this season, september or october...need a basic speed licence because my bikes aren't street legal anymore, and 99% of circuit aren't so permissive such as Franciacorta is used to be. I find my way to approach this sport very singular and personal, but i 've never ever gone out my way before, and could i go crazy if i do not go crazy tonite, i am too manic to change my mind .... i feel to need a sort of supreme order while driving, and this trend is so strong to me.... anyway, i do not feel absolutely satisfied from this primary run management. I presume to get on the stopwatch to see whatta happens the next 29th of June... A little Judgement Day.... I believe in the Organization and i 've ever been punctual...let's see!