31 mag 2009

Waiting for my Bimota V2 return to test on circuit like I did with my Duc 1098 in these past weeks , I really appreciated the show of motorbikes today at Mugello, as seen on my TV screen.....The times of roadracing on my bikes are happily so far away from me, so, waiting for my Love to come back next week from a brief look in Meda ( Milan) to be perfect for the track, i can't just stop to dreaming about my imaginary second life as a pilot.......after all...this is a personal diary....

T. Bayliss. Test at Mugello for the Stoner Desmosedici RR on this weekend.


C. Stoner, Ducati D16RR gp09. Today, a great engine, a excellent strategy despite some tech falls, made him the winner . The return to alloy swingarm and testing the Gp09 by Troy Bayliss all the week have made the rest. Ducati on swallowing the King of Mugello V. Rossi.

Spaniard J. Lorenzo, the Pole Man yesterday, 2nd today afterrace. Always on the run during the match, strong and ultimate weapon from Yamaha Fiat team motogp. I love him.

Rossi, 3rd. Several problems after weekend tests on soft slicks have made him cry at the end, on team choise to run with hard slick tyres in the 2nd dry part of race. All of us chewing a little bit of circuit language knows that a soft compound slick has a sensible better grip than a hard compound slick, but a hard slick takes less time to go warming in temperature than a soft, which deserves more time to reach for its maximum goal temperature to work at 100x100. Probably, the Rossi strategy today was to achieve this temperature goal pretty in advance of his rivals once changed the bike ( rain to dry setting), and so to go away soon...but anyway, it was a partial failure. I remain still astonished since Rossi and Yamaha team ( father included) have equivocate and spoiled around with italian television and audience about this tyres choise, pointing the finger on same tyres and Bridgestone front man and on team staff in the box about this pitfall, rather than avoid to mistify the real truth justifying in that way a very brilliant Stoner and Lorenzo, afflicted by some tech problems as well in their way, but smarter in the race plan, and tyres choise, i'd say. Rossi so down to me this round ,sorry.