8 giu 2009



Fabrizio is the owner of this special Millona NCR, challenging in the Desmo Challenge and Italian Championship Supertwins. I have had a chat with him just to achieve the basic informations about a very normal people needs to think about to compete in a trophy challenge...
For a sort of coincidence, i was told this special bike has been invited from Pepo in Madrid to compete in Desafio Twins and whatsover in Spain to run there, but Fabrizio refused to comply comparing this machine to the RAD fleet, so ....what to say... great cycle, lucky Fabrizio all around italians twins trophies.... byebye everyone.

110 HP, handle upper bar CNC manufactured, alloy forged swingarm MotoZoo, Aim Mxl dashboard, Marchesini magnesium posterior rim, PVM anterior rim, 130 kg, ecu EFI 1 automapping feedback SBKorse CAN cables, PBR sproket 16\35 , carbon fair, 1168 cc , 47 mm titanium and 40 mm steel throttles, STM evo antichattering clutch, torque 11,8 kg\m at 6500 rpm, Pankel titanium forged crunks, Pistal Racing pistons.
courtesy F. Tinti
photo A. o. Coasts