20 giu 2009


Heroes of Abbruzzo

The Brembo racing removable race derived gear shift on this machine is one of the best ever tested in my life, and its acting and functioning while racing has been appreciated from everybody such as a pure racing machine device with no compromise or defaults, driving. But despite this, the reliability of the bike in general is poor, due to a very extreme package of parts. This seems to be the ultimate boundary for the lovers of this cycle.

After a clutch failure one day before going to circuit one month ago,due to a strong trend of mine in these 2700 km on road, to shift gears with a too soft touch of the handclutch, and since the technical collaborator of Kuba Smrz, Giorgio, has given up white flag with this alien machine, one single people in the world shouda've been able to argue...
Baldissin...Rino Baldissin, its Creator, and Masterlord of 500 V2 all over the planet....
Now, after gear rearrangement, and a soft electronic mapping option to give way to a better starting switch, the ( bynow) Prototipal Machine is BACK....
I am gonna be ready to attack the 600 supersporty very reliable japanese bikes on track.... the mission seems to be almost ... IMPOSSIBLE........................

A. o. Coasts is rockin' the set
It's like Russian Roulette When you're placin' your bet
So don't be upset When you're broke and your done
Cause I'm a be the one til I jet
I know why you want to hate me
I know why you want to hate me
I know why you want to hate me
Cause hate, is all the world has even seen lately ......

by A. o. C.