2 ago 2009


2007 , first biometrical implantations on right hand underskin. 5 dollars cost. It'll be easier to pay without money, set the control of cars, appliances, human relationships, identity check, communications and individual movements to all regions of our planet.........2012...: will be law the decree to implant chips on children.... ?

Paton 2 stroke

...Inoltre obbligò tutti,piccoli e grandi, ricchi e poveri,liberi e schiavi, a farsi mettere un marchio sulla mano destra o sulla fronte. Nessuno poteva comprare o vendere se non portava il marchio, cioè il nome della bestia o il numero che corrisponde al suo nome.(Apocalisse, Rivelazione 13:16-17 )

Paton photo by Vanovertveldt

...and moreover, he forced all, small and great, the rich and poor, the free and enslaved, to themselves put a Mark on the right hand or on the forehead. Nobody could buy or to sell if it didn't bring the Mark, that is the name of the beast or the number that it corresponds to his name. ( Apocalypse, Revelation 13:16-17)