7 dic 2009


Atea Mistica Meccanica
Macchina Automatica - no anima
Scienza armata cemento
Unita' di produzione
Tecnica d'acciaio
Ridotta imbelle sterile igienica ( G. L. Feretti)

Different mapping from 100 to 150 to 193 bhp, rain mode, sport, race, slick , traction control, ride by wire, abs... what's the cost to loose the feeling between your hand (and head) and your engine and go wide open with your gas thinking it's so easy......? I really prefer to have 3 bikes from 110 bhp at rear tyre to 150 to 170, and as you know, that's it !!! Reparto Corse n. 6 refuses off this treatment of overload of elechtronics, because don't need in the real world we ride ( maybe this generation abs on the road and on sport tourer cycles, but not on track, maybe the next generation abs I'm gonna evaluate...).

I still stand on two stroke, bad ass student !!!