4 gen 2010


photo by Alex George

from the left, Alex George, Ron Haslam, Joey Dunlop

In 1981 in F.1 race at TT in the Isle of Man, the Honda crew leaded a protest against the organization because Crosby could not set off at his allocated time because of chain problems on his Suzuki. He was allowed to start at the bottom of the grid, but with no time allowance, in a dramatic six laps race.
Joey Dunlop was the early leader on a Honda, but, after being forced to change a tyre at his pit stop, he was relegated to second by Ron Haslam, who went on to win from the Ulsterman. Crosby was in brilliant form and fought his way back to third from the back of the field. However, Suzuki protested - after Haslam had been garlanded the winner - that Crosby should have been given a time allowance.
Two hours later Crosby was declared the winner and Honda managers were furious - so furious that they dressed their riders in all-black leathers and painted their machines black for the Classic at the end of the week.
It was a protest that misfired. At the end, Alex George was the only one Honda driver to finish the race...
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