7 mar 2010

ULTIMI GIRI PADANI ( ... before the Puglia burning...)

Waiting patiently and sadly after a long time for a Sunny day could be very gorgeous, at the end. Bend after bend, leaving on your left the Gardasea, you got the chance to roll through a bunch of miles, lost in a great spot of green hills...and tar...
Yesterday i've got a good amount of curves, but i've left my breathe especially on one, a rolldown righthanded broad one, on the verge without boundaries, just the road and the jump bending my knee.....
I do not know if it's right or wrong, but it's just the big one, such as a wave of the sea for a Surfer. Or better, the same state of the heart, probably.
I've faced the ghost of the coming back home( sigh) on the amazing and spectacular road between Valeggio and Castiglione: a snake of asphalt among the Mantua hills and countryside, in perfect solitude at Midday tick tock. Before to attack quickly the savage roads designed by a benevolent Nature in Murgia and Salento and Gargano for our bikers, in the SouthEast of this Country, this is the best and definitive way to RoadRacing "alla Padana" , under a spark and unusual Blue sky ( very rare in the North here because a veil of humidity-?- particles that frays the light of the sun in a intolerable dazzling neonlight), the yellow Sun, and the green grasses.
See You all in the Puglia burnouting!!

Ponti sul Mincio, Verona-Mantova, NorthEast Italy
photos A. o. C.