12 apr 2010

RC6 interviews Southsiders mc (motorcycles culture and other matters of life)


I had the necessity lately, to know more about the way to be of other bikers ( and bikes bloggers),because a certain sadomasochism to hear shit that follows me everyday on cycles arguments... So, I have launched these 10 question to some friends of network to pick up more of informations about us, and our attitudes...This is the time of Vincent of "Southsiders mc" from France, a real Norton's lover. He was one of the first contributors to this site more than a year ago with his beautiful images of France landscapes with his Norton. Like the others I called in this space, I think that my effort to go apart from the ordinary road of everyday bikers is well gone to the target, for my own personal point of view. A.o. C.

: what do you mean with the word: motorbike? can you give me your definition as longer as possible?
SSmc: For me, a motorbike is more American than English as a word, that means more fun, because they are unrestrained motorcycles that can make noise, and whose legality is approximate. In Europe, we are so constrained, that motorcycles become uninteresting. There is a contradiction today, between our passion and obligations for normalization and ecology. Real mechanics are not necessarily quiet and clean...

RC6: Can you tell me the reason why you decided to open a blog on the net , concerning bikes?
SSmc: We decided to do a blog with my friend Frank, two years ago. At first it was to communicate our passion between us, because we do not live in the same city, in the last months we structured more than before our team, we are now five. Our approach is more journalistic. We look for original subjects and we use mostly our own images. Pleasure without constraints before all the things, and quality.

RC6: What are you looking for on your bike riding? a curve, the good company, the nature to see exc...exc...

SSmc: Bike riding for me is a combination of things, I don't use motorcycle in town today, because I decided to commute by bicycle. So I use the motorcycle solely for pleasure, and as I like shared pleasures, I ride with my buddies. We seek the most beautiful roads, the pleasure of finding a good restaurant, the motorcycle is not our topic.

RC6: Do you love aggregation on 2 wheels? the showrooms? yes or not, why?
SSmc: I do not really participate in the motorbike's events, I'm not on the circuits, possibly a few exhibitions.

RC6: Do you have a explanation for the eternal relationship between bikes and girls? why the biker is always painted as a machoman and the girls are often undressed?

SSmc: Well, I think it's a bestial instinct. The motorcycle world is not in the lace. Every month we look for the Southsiders babe of the month it's a difficult exercise. We hate the vulgarity, so we are looking for a certain subtlety.

RC6: Your choice: a day in the paddocks at Mugello in motogp or superbike, a street unlegal race or a roaring day in the choppers - streetfighters world, a relaxing ride in the countryside, or a shag with your yhpersport ?
SSmc: My ultimate dream: the circum navigation. The travel adventure,is what I hope to achieve someday.

RC6: What do you appreciate and not in the ordinary bikers actually?
SSmc: As you have perhaps guessed, I'm definitely not in the modern world of plastic motorcycles, mostly because I hate his aesthetic. I love real iron...

RC6: Where is the limit between the pure and sterile funriding and a social and cultural way to go on 2 wheels?
SSmc: Our approach into the motorcycle is primarily cultural, so we reject any form of stupidity associated with the use of the bike. (stunt, hyper-speed on roads etc...)

RC6: If you were in the '68, should you switch on your bike and go, or stay stuck?

SSmc: (not sure of your question) But if I was in 68 my bike would be called "Captain America"...

RC6: Your ultimate thoughts in the helmets before to go? what are you looking for that moment till the turning away home?
SSmc: It depends on the nature of the ride for a day trip, the focus is on instant pleasure, and have maximum fun, however on a big trip, I think a lot about the mechanics and saving the bike to arrive, so before leaving, I check that everything is ok, traveling with old bikes is a pleasure that may be a little scary, it's very sensitive to the slightest suspicious sounds ... So Anthony, We keep in touch Vincent