29 mar 2012


by Shizeido Ramatashi

Wow, after I jumped it occurred to me, life is perfect, life is the best. It's full of magic, beauty, opportunity, and television, and surprises, lots of surprises, yeah. And then there's that stuff that everybody longs for, but they only real feel when it's gone. All that just kinda hit me. I guess you don't really see it all clearly when you're - ya know - alive.


by Tom Hnatiw

17 mar 2012


by Gonzo Tagahashi

Right #2...1998 Foggy 996 Factory (First part of the season)
Hideki visited Ducati corsa after the end of it's race season on Nov 1998 and brought it to Japan.
Fully factory specification (Inside of the engine too!)
There were also late version(Left #2) but we could not get one and now it belongs to Fogarty himself